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Girls Trip (Malcolm D. Lee, 2017) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Serh, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Serh

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    The film's plot follows the story of four lifelong friends on a long-overdue weekend getaway trip to New Orleans for the annual Essence Music Festival. Their sisterhood is rekindled and wild sides are rediscovered, with nights of partying, hook-ups and bad decisions, as well as raw and vulnerable moments that strengthen their bond.

    Starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith, Larenz Tate, and Mike Colter

  2. Serh

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    Saw this movie yesterday, and it was honestly a pretty big surprise for me. It's kind of longer than it needs to be, but other than that I was mostly won over. I'd recommend seeing it if you've already seen Dunkirk and Atomic Blonde, and/or looking for a really good comedy. Seriously, it's good to finally have a comedy this year (other than The Big Sick, I guess) that actually made me LAUGH, and I got plenty of laughs here. Tiffany Haddish in particular stole the hell out of every scene she was in

    This is the funniest movie of the year for me, at least until Logan Lucky comes out
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  3. Serh

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    Damn, nobody else huh?

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  4. eight30


    I just saw this and I agree. I did not expect to enjoy it this much. Got more laughs out of me than Rough Night.
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  5. joe.boy.fresh.


    Saw this last week and loved it. Legitimately laughed out loud multiple times and loved how likeable all 4 leads were. I was worried about the run time at first but it flew by. I had a lot of fun with this movie and would definitely recommend.
  6. Serh

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    Looks like this only dropped 35% in the second week, making triple its budget. And doing better than Atomic Blonde's opening weekend (though you should also see Atomic Blonde because that movie's great)
  7. Serh

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  8. brandon_260

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    Omg, the candle scene
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    Trusted Supporter

    Finally saw this. I thought it was great
  10. David87

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    I just caught the Set It Off reference in fantastic
  11. Serh

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