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Girih – Eigengrau

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 20, 2018.

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    The New Hampshire post-metal trio, Girih, are here with their debut EP, Eigengrau, and it channels several key influences of similar “math rock” bands such as Thrice. The dark tones found throughout this EP mesh well with the variety of riffs and noises on this debut. The major disclaimer for this EP is that it is instrumental only, but there are plenty of redeeming qualities to find on this record.

    Starting with the opening instrumental track, “Haumea,” the band can showcase their chops as musicians without a single vocal to be found. The track reminded me a bit of the post-hardcore elements found on Circa Survive’s latest effort. “Sinnesloschen” follows the lengthy introduction up with some more well-placed riffs, but with minimal variation from what they were going for in the first song. By the time you reach the two-minute mark of the second track, the band begins to stray a bit from what they offered in “Haumea,” with some unique time signatures and tempos.

    On the title track, they begin to experiment with more diverse riffs, but again, this EP could have benefited from some vocals to bring some meaning behind what they are offering here. The back half of the record, which features titles such as “Vorer” and “Xolotl” show potential of what may come for this trio, with a few different glimpses of where they could take their sound if they decide to blend in some vocals. Overall, I have heard enough promise in this trio to watch their careers unfold with more significant interest.

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    Checking this out because it seems in my lane.
    Thanks for the review.
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    NH represent! Never heard of these guys but excited to check them out.
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    the title of the thread made me think it was spam. Still not 100% convinced.