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Gerard Way Talks With PopBuzz

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 27, 2017.

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    Gerard Way recently talked with PopBuzz:

    Well I now have a studio. I have this, like, compound type situation where I have a place to record live music and I have a place to record music in a control room and then a place to work on my art projects and my comics. I just kind of, right now, have so many comics due and so many comics to write that I’ve just been doing that. I’ve been trying to fit music in but I’ve just started to kind of write music. So that’s starting, it’s at a very early stage.

  2. honkytonk

    Narcissism on narcotics

    Glad he's keeping busy - waiting on that MCR reunion.
  3. carrytheweird

    @SpyKi there's always next year!
  4. SpyKi

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  5. Kiana

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    Ok but I'm selfish and what I want is music so let's make it happen, thanx!
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  6. clockwise

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    I love Gerard and definitely miss hearing music from him, but if he's happy doing what he's doing now that's cool with me.
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  7. Bryan Diem


    Good 4 him
  8. TedSchmosby


    I've been so into his comics that I honestly forgot he is a musician
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  9. fredwordsmith

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    This is the best answer. Dude gave the world a LOT of great music. He should be free to do what he wants.

    I also selfishly want an MCR reunion/tour, just to see them one last time, but holy shit, what an output. If he's happy now as an artist, husband and father, that's better than almost any musician ends up. Maybe even more than any human being ends up.
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