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Gerard Way Has a New DC Comics Imprint

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Brittany Spanos, writing for Rolling Stone, talks with Gerard Way about his new DC Comics imprint.

    It feels great. A monthly book is a lot different than the limited series that I was doing — and still continue to do — with Umbrella Academy. We’re on Series Three right now, and you really have a long time to write those things. You plan those out pretty far in advance. Being a comic-book writer for a monthly book is a whole different animal, and you end up putting a lot of yourself into it — a lot of personal things I feel. And that happens in Umbrella Academy, too, but it feels more immediate because you need material to sell those books. To get back to your question, it feels amazing. I come in, and I help edit. I art-direct; I help put the teams together; I give people directions. Sometimes I write scenes, things like that. It’s using all of my skills, which is really great, and it’s more focused than when I was doing art for the band, but it’s very similar.

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  2. younglikeme

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    Really stoked for him on this & it's a good write-up. The Umbrella Academy is truly quality stuff, for a famous person or a lifetime comic creator; will definitely be trying to catch up with the weekly series because the books were really great.
  3. scottlechowicz

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    Umbrella Academy was a truly magnificent debut. However, I found Killjoys to be wanting. That said, the imprint sounds very promising. Now the trick is going to be getting some of his fans who may not otherwise have checked out a comic interested in Doom Patrol and Shade.

    A very inspired get for DC.
  4. SpyKi

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    I'll read them all. Wondering what this means for his music though. Doesn't seem likely we'll get a second album this year now.