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Geoff Rickly on Bro Culture in the Music Scene

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Here’s a great thread on Twitter from Geoff Rickly of Thursday talking about toxic masculinity in the music scene:

    There are so many idiotic and arrogant statements made by members of both bands in this article. A lot of muddling of issues and bro culture. There’s a recurring idea that sexual assault, misogyny & worse are all “just rock & roll”- maybe that’s why it’s on the decline? Mocking safe spaces at giant fests while courting an audience comprised of a significant number of minors is fucking gross. Pretending that “dangerous” in the context of punk means degrading women or using the stage to bully someone shows you don’t “get it.” The idea of “danger” in punk has had many meanings. All of them subversive: People of different class, race, gender and orientation infiltrating the R&R boys club is dangerous. Being DIY and going against corporate control of music is dangerous. Even playing with such intensity and abandon that you put the moment over your own physical well being is dangerous. The Clash, Nirvana, Black Flag, Bikini Kill, Fugazi… all dangerous. This nonsense on the other hand. This is a fucking frat party. Gross. Unsafe. But not “dangerous” in the context of punk.

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  2. tyramail Jul 6, 2017
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    It blows my mind that people mock "safe spaces". Like for real, if you think that's asking too much for someone to not have to risk being degraded or harassed in public, then please go jump off a bridge with your shitty morals.

    Edit: just read noodles' instagram post about it, he sounds like a fucking idiot. "It takes guts to demand a safe space where nobody wants or expects one". That mindset is so troubling.
  3. yeahrightdude

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  4. crunchprank Jul 6, 2017
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    crunchprank Prestigious

    You're right "Noodles", it takes guts. A great deal of courage to take a stand in favor of providing a "safe space" to people where they simply want to have fun. And I'm forever thankful for people like that person protesting who has the guts to go out and do it.
  5. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I mean he is a grown man calling himself Noodles what do you expect
  6. Bass0820


    The fact that Noodles is putting down people that take "guts" to call for safe spaces is dumbfounding. Wasn't punk rock founded on people having the "guts" to do this or that? And he's putting down someone that has the "guts" to do this? I'm so confused
  7. alkalinexandy

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    Per usual, Geoff Rickley is on point. Nobody is saying "don't be offensive." They're just saying "don't be an asshole." You can be offensive/push the envelope or whatever without being an asshole.

    This whole punk rock boys club mentality of "LOL it's punk to say outlandish shit--and challenging me means you just don't get it!" just needs to die.
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  8. Connor Jul 6, 2017
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    He also hit the nail on the head about free speech. I get so annoyed that people act like free speech means they can say and do whatever without pissing people off
  9. coleslawed

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    Aaron Marsh's reply to the whole thing about free speech was pretty well said, too:
  10. tyramail

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    I'm so glad that with all the shitty musicians taking a stand with the dickies, we also have musicians like Aaron and Geoff who are speaking out against that shit.
  11. Bass0820


    Also hasn't Noodles been a multi-million for the past 20 years? What does he know about punk rock anymore?
  12. RiseAgainst379



    Let's clear up something about freedom of speech, because it bears repeating.

    It only applies to state action. Let me put that in english: all freedom of speech means is the GOVERNMENT can't restrict your speech (except when it can: see high school student speech, commercial speech, "time, place, and manner" restrictions, etc.)

    Back to studying for the bar now...
  13. Iamhollywood315


    The Dickies guy calling out that girl like that with those names and humiliation her was uncalled for and pretty shitty but why were people protesting this band to begin with before his tirade? They didn't like the jokes or the penis puppet or whatever they do during their set? if you don't like the content go walk to a different stage. I don't see the big deal except for how he reacted the way he did.
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  14. ARo24 Jul 6, 2017
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    And to think 'Noodles' has a Ph. D.....yikes.
  15. Nah. Say something if bands are being disgusting.
  16. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    no that's Dexter he's the smart/cool one
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  17. elphshelf

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    Dexter has the Ph. D, not him.
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  18. crunchprank Prestigious

    You heard it here, folks. If you see something disturbing and disgusting happening, just ignore it. That's a great way for human kind to progress.
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  19. ARo24


    Ahhh my bad I mixed them up. Thank you for the correction. He should educate his band mates then.
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  20. Iamhollywood315


    How is this different from watching a rated R movie with content worse than what transpires at their shows? nobody is confronting people (aside from said tirade). its a band on a stage making what some consider "offensive" material that a person can walk away from if they are offended. They aren't preying or people. I had an issue with how this guy responded, which was wrong for him to do, not their live show thats not targeting anyone
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  21. justin.

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    What exactly is a "safe space" at a show? When I think of a safe space I think of bars or college buildings that have "safe space" signs and will kick people out if they use offensive language, whatever that may be.

    From what I'm understanding, the "safe space" being mentioned in the article is not a reserved area, but just an environment where everyone is held accountable by each other. Is that correct?

    If so, I'm sorry for all of you who are now just addressing this. Most of the places I go already have this environment, but no one has referred to it as a "safe space".
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  22. mercury

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    Some people are happy to walk away from situations they find offensive. Some people are happy to stay and protest and make their voices (or in this case, literally just a sign... til the guy saw it, got offended that someone might critique his 'art', and had a gross tantrum) heard. Both are entitled to do so. A sign is a fairly respectful form of protest.

    Also, fyi lots of people do consider saying stuff like "I wanna fuck your daughters" to be "preying on people," even when part of a performance. Especially in this venue, context is important - Warped Tour is full of minors, and while this band is one of the performers, it wasn't just "one of their shows" targeted at existing Dickies fans. It's a popular music festival with a young audience, many of whom may never have listened to this band.
  23. AshlandATeam


    The Dickies have been a band since the 70s. They are who they are and anyone with a passing familiarity with them should know what to expect.

    In my mind, this is as much a problem with Lyman as the band. There's just no way they should have been given an audience at an all ages festival catered specifically to teenagers. Most of the crowd who saw this probably didn't have a clue who this band was; Lyman did, and invited them to the tour anyway.

    Misogynistic assholes are everywhere. The very least a person can do is not give them a platform.
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  24. Tim Fitzpatrick


    Just in case the last couple Offspring records weren't enough to get you to quit listening to them.
  25. who the fuck is noodles
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