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General Questions Help • Page 13

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Jason Tate, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Your only hope is
  2. Mcrx


    Hey Jason! What is this? Blast From the Past: Old Best of Lists

    Can you explain this a little bit? Sorry, I was a bit confused looking at it the other day. Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe I just need in other words. Thanks!

    Edit: wait. More questions. Is this what those polls are for?? Maybe not.
    And where can I find this on the site? (I followed a Twitter link before)

    Edit edit: one more question been meaning to ask for awhile. How do we get access to the liner notes or newsletter in email? Is that how it works? It's not connected to the forum login though? (Noticed I get logged off when I'm in those sections)
  3. They’re all the old best of lists from staff members from from 2005-2015. I reposted them.
    This is all old content, stuff that was posted years ago and now back in the database.
    you can signup here:

    it’ll go to your email each Friday
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  4. EddieDS

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  6. ItsAndrew

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  7. ItsJoe


    @Jason Tate how do I remove my name, or go about changing my name that appears in activity on the forum please? Thanks
  8. What can I change it to?
  9. ItsJoe


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  10. Mcrx


    Question-It says I had x number of notifications, but when I went to look, it had less than x. Is there a limited number of notifications show in the "see all" section, or did like nearly half of them get removed? (latter seems unlikely. but weird. this has never happened for me before.)
  11. They're removed I think after like 72 hours or something like that, or maybe the thread was deleted they were in? Only two things I can think of.
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  12. JoesVS


    Hey guys, kind of an odd question, but I am currently working on my graduation thesis while being a Dutch student and I am in need of people to interview who have affinity with booking artists through an online platform in California. The same goes for musicians, band members and such making use of these platforms to get bookings. As I am new, it might come out of the blue and that's why I am asking here upfront. But are requests asking people to voluntarily be a part of my gradutation research allowed on here? I need 8 people for a 20 to 30 minute interview for which I would give an incentive and it would so massively help me. Moreover I would not know where else to find people for it. Or if anyone has an idea regarding this it would help alot.

    Thanks in advance!
  13. DJ Duncan Donuts


    Is there anyway to avoid automatically following a thread after I replied once?
  14. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    @Jason Tate — is there a way to block someone who limits the view of their profile? @Nick is having trouble doing so and what I told him isn’t working, haha.
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  16. 333 GANG


    @Jason Tate ever given any thought to moving the search bar to the top of the side menu on mobile as opposed to the bottom?

    I often have to tap it a second time because my first try usually brings up the safari bottom menu
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  17. Some. May revisit. Since there's also inner search available via the action menu on the top right for the specific pages you are on.
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  18. foomanfat


    Can I get my username changed?
  19. JamesMichael

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    Hey Jason will native Apple emojis be possible to support?
  20. It's an issue with the database encoding, to change to allow UTF-8 is a pain in the ass, but IS on my roadmap, I just need to decide how to tackle that process, because it ... may mean trying to redesign/convert the forum to the next version of the software, and there's a lot of custom code.
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  21. Paul Gurski

    That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?! Supporter

    For the last few years I've had two iPhones: one work (XR) and one personal (SE 2nd Gen). Yesterday I got a new work iPhone 13, and one of the 4 bookmarks I had saved on the XR was for I tested out the link real quick to make sure I was still logged in and man was I impressed with how pretty this site rendered. It was gorgeous, and fit so well with the iPhone 13. There was just something with my XR that seemed to not do as good of a job. Perhaps it was the fact that the screen didn't go so far out to the edges like it does on the 13. Of course, now I want to upgrade my SE to a 14 when it comes out.
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  22. Interesting, I haven’t tested on every single device, but the 13 size is definitely one I use regularly.j
  23. ForTheCorkTree


    Can anyone walk me through where I go to delete my account(or simply delete it for me). Thanks!
  24. ForTheCorkTree


    @Jason Tate Are you able to give me a hand with my request?