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  2. I bet most of Bloomberg’s staff isn’t voting for him :crylaugh:
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    oh no but Megan probably would have killed him if he didn't support her haha
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    reading the replies looking for hope people listened to and got the message like:
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    Just got an email from the district I teach in saying that, its just a precaution, but we need to have a plan ready by next Thursday for teaching from home because of the Coronavirus. Scary times we live in.
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    we talked about this in our leadership meeting today. Gotta come up with a plan if our facilities are shut down and what we can and can't do from home.
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    She looks like Brienne of Tarth with a tiny head
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  13. Grapevine friend says Bernie may announce his running mate by the end of the evening. That would be interesting, not sure I remember that happening so early ever.
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    I work at a bar so RIP CarpetElf

  15. It me, last night!
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    this seems... dumb? like if you're ready to announce why wait until after super Tuesday when that announcement could swing a lot of votes?
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  18. Recapture momentum? No idea if it's even true. Far down the grapevine kinda thing. But would be interesting.
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    Hello I am Bernie
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    but if his pick would help recapture momentum it could also help out a whole lot today...

    I just don't buy it. It forces him into too much of a hole. He is quite possibly gonna need to settle with a more centrist VP to win over the dem base at the convention. Who he can pick varies wildly if he has a small delegate lead vs if he has a big one. Its just a move that doesn't make sense on multiple levels and so I really don't see it happening.
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    Cruz/Fiorina ‘16 wasn’t much later
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  22. I dunno man, just saying what I heard through the grapevine. You don't have to believe it, I said it was random shit I heard lol.
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    I can do like 80% of my job from home...... not sure if they'll let me though
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    hello new thread friends
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