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  1. Our country is fucking stupid
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    Not the same but I remember going to a National Guard event like ten years ago where they had like games and BBQ but you could also hold a M16 with a grenade launcher attached or a SAW (heavy machine gun), learn how to use a stationary grenade launcher, and climb up into a Humvee and play with the machine gun attached at the top. To this day, it was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced.
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  7. Someone tell me what it is I’m not gonna listen to this dumb ass
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  8. In ten years Trump will be dead or pretending he was never POTUS.
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  10. Trump is tweeting about bitcoin.
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    This reminds me of the time when I was young, probably like 10-12, and I was dressing up and pretending to be a SWAT team member. My father asked me about what I was doing and why, and I said something about SWAT teams being so cool - honestly, mainly based completely on the tactical way they look with all of the gear and the guns and stuff. I loved that stuff at that age. My dad asked me why SWAT teams were so cool and played along as I kept answering questions about the cool stuff they do like break peoples' doors down and repel into windows, and he even kinda feigned excitement with my answers as I was getting more and more fired up. Then on a dime he said something like "Who's door are they busting down?" It didn't click and I sorta brushed the question off and said like "I don't know, people" and tried to keep naming other cool shit they do. He asked "Which people? Who?" and I think I said "bad guys". Long story slightly less long, he eventually got me to say "American citizens" and then "people who break the law" but then followed it up with "Break the law, like speeding or littering?" and eventually his point got through to spastic little me's head.

    Decades later it still sticks, not only the specific topic but just also making sure you try to think about whatever topic and any topic the right way and critically.

    A lot of little kids may think breaking down a door with a battering ram is "cool", but the "adults" around should know better. I am not even saying there is never a reason law enforcement may need to use a battering ram to break down a door, but the situation shouldn't be celebrated, and this is in very poor taste.
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    That maga wedding absolutely are Grand Rapids twats. That part of Michigan is both awesome and abysmal.
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    Here's the editor of the Sunday Times saying that the UK media is correct to cover "labour anti-Semitism" a hundred fold the amount it covers Tory Islamophobia because Jeremy Corbyn made a Facebook comment years ago, laid a wreath at a grave adjacent to a terrorist's, and waited to adopt a definition of antisemitism (which he never should have done) that disallows any criticism of Israel's "legitimacy." Pretty cool stuff!

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  15. it's almost as if the establishment is trying its hardest to avoid actual leftists getting into power by all means

    like I'm not saying there's no anti-semitism on the left, but it's no way as inherent to the ideology or prevalent as on the right.
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  16. fun thought experiment
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  19. lol
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    Until this came up lol
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    Lol. This comms aide sent a mass email to reporters, unilaterally demanding that this remain "background" without any reporter having agreed to it beforehand.

    And fucking Jonathan Martin honored her request and distributed the quote. What a fucking coward.
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    Trump is really saying a lot of dumb shit right now

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    Daniel Dale deserves so much praise. He's been a tremendous follow during these times.
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    Just saw someone retweet this and how did I not know about this?

    So many people in my life failed me.