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  1. Nice timing. Great minds and all that.
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  2. Dominick

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    The media can never make the connection between this and Trump, because if they did, it would require them to indict themselves for how they handled those connections in the first place.
  3. cshadows2887

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    Fair. That connection should be more explicit. But I don't think it's a bad thing to be interviewing these monsters and shoving it in the faces of people who deny the hate at the core of all this, either. Hard to pretend it doesn't exist that way
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  6. Dear "good" Trump supporters. Prove it.
    Now is a real chance to prove everyone wrong. It’s also a real chance to actually protect some fellow Americans and fellow humans from harm. How?

    You, a good-hearted, well-intentioned, America-loving person, can publicly and loudly demand that the President-elect and all of his surrogates and appointees denounce all hate groups who are celebrating this win as a win for their agenda. You can demand — publicly, not just on your Facebook feed or just to friends — that the President-elect make a public statement disavowing and condemning every single act of violence, intimidation, bigotry, misogyny, and hatred that is being done in his name and in the name of his movement. He should just say it: “This is disgusting, it’s un-American, and I will not allow it to be done in my name or in celebration of my Presidency.”

    You are the only ones who can do this.

    Do it because you are all the things you say you are: loving, tolerant, inclusive, and American.
  7. This thread:

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  8. joe727

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    I haven't done research on her yet, but from what I know about Florida politics Bob Buckhorn the mayor of Tampa, Buddy Dwyer the mayor of Orlando, and John Morgan the popular and very populist personal injury attorney that funded and spearheaded the medical marijuana legalization campaign would all also be great Dem gov candidates.
  9. The race itself compared to just the candidate. Dems need to win that race.
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  11. sophos34

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    Nazism on the internet. I'm serious, that's what it is
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    A man who has said stuff like this will be our new leader. God help us

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  13. Three main networks: 32 minutes of policy.
    Of the 32 minutes total, terrorism (17 mins) and foreign policy (7 mins) towards the Middle East (Israel-ISIS-Syria-Iraq) have attracted some attention. Gay rights, immigration and policing have been mentioned in passing.
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  15. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  16. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Borowitz Report is satire
  17. zmtr

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  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  21. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    At least he gave us The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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    BFFS Nigel and Donnie joking about sexual assault because of course we've normalized that too
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