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  1. David87

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    A shame they didn’t submit her.

    Alfie getting a nom is awesome and he deserves it so much. Maybe not for this season specifically but for the whole body of work over the 8 seasons.
  2. Cameron

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    Lol D&D dropped out of their comic con panel FD5FD73A-DC38-4668-9DBD-4458A3CB4047.png
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    Sounds like a good time to see how calmly freefolk is taking it.
  4. White

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    Does anyone else derive immense pleasure from watching people shit on s8 on Youtube? Videos like that are like 50% of my recs now.

    I am very petty.
  5. Cameron

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    I did like the one posted in here recently where the guy is pretending to be a HBO exec, and the writers at the same time. All whilst talking about the writing with a smile on his face
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  7. Brother Beck

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    I find this video to be both very funny and extremely on-point. I enjoy the hell out of it...

    ...but not more than I would have enjoyed a well-written and not-rushed Season 8 of this great show.
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    Honestly Season 6 was fantastic/on par with the rest of the show. 7 and 8 are okay but a show with this budget and this rich of a world shouldn't have ended on "Okay" when you had the time and the money to finish the story right instead of rushing through it. But the honest trailer is still hilarious.
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  10. He’s got one for the show as whole too. (Also for a bunch of other movies and tv shows including the MCU and stranger things)

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  11. Cameron

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    I do love s6, and I thought I loved s7 att. When I rewatched it before 8 I realized how rushed it felt.
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  12. David87

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    7 actually got better to me after 8 because I remember thinking 7 felt a little rushed and then season 8 gave me whiplash and I realized 7 wasn’t THAT rushed comparatively haha
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  13. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Unfortunately I feel the same way. Haha. I was pretty irritated with this show during S7, but I felt like people still defended it to death because they were still in love with this show despite some of the nonsensical things. It wasn't until S8 that everyone finally turned at the same time.

    S7 had things like the adventure beyond the wall that needlessly gave the Night King the key to taking it down....when you basically have to infer your own theory as to how he would have gotten across without the dragon because it's never explained. Or things like Littlefinger's death where the show deliberately gives you false information about the sisters fighting while he spies on them and suddenly they're wise to his plans despite never showing how they figured it all out. Again you have to input your own theory about it like Bran helping them out even though he was basically a robot that didn't aid in fixing basically any of their other problems. It's all just kind of messy storytelling at best.

    You know what's REALLY sad is going through all of the older "theory/prediction" videos of things that made total sense and would have been completely awesome but ultimately led to absolutely nothing.
  14. Brother Beck

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    I'm still blown away by how rushed the sequence of events is in S8 E4 where the dragon gets sniped out of the sky, Missandei gets captured, Euron & Cersei talk, Dany's army shows up at King's Landing & Cersei beheads Missandei. I know the distance / travel complaint is pretty common as the show got into later seasons, but this sequence is so poorly done. It feels like all of the events transpire in real time about a mile from each other. That sequence to me SCREAMS that the creators did not give a fuck anymore and just wanted everything to be over with. It is such a shame.

    Totally different type of story, but the way they completely squandered such a tremendous opportunity reminds me of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy. Extremely rushed final chapter that wastes an incredible cast and absolutely top-notch production talent and logistics and turns into a silly CGI fest that loses track of almost everything important to the story up to that point.

    By the time you get to the final episode, it truly feels like the only things Benioff & Weiss felt were important were:

    1) Being done with the show.

    2 ) Getting across the point that Daenarys is BAD and we the audience are all VERY STUPID AND DUMB for ever identifying with her and liking her.
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    RIP the one true king
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    Control of the house is mine by rights. All siblings who deny it are my foes.
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    geez I hate old people
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  21. Importer/Exporter

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    David stop posting in this thread, let GoT die already
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    you can unsubscribe? I enjoy the memes.
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    What’s the latest on the prequels? Anything good coming up soon?
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  25. David87

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    Also no one posts in the prequel or ASOIAF thread so this is still the best place to bring up anything related to the world at this point
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