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    Oh my god what is that context? Adorable.

    Poor forgotten Royce probably needs some father points looking at how well Robin turned out. Miracle worker.
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    True...Bronze Yohn + booby milk=turning boys into men. I’m not gonna over-complain about this season like some, but it was kinda weird that he was in Winterfell but wasn’t around for any of the fighting against the dead or in Kings Landing. Maybe the actor wasn’t in shape enough to do any action scenes. Or maybe Yohn was just tired of being interrupted by people whenever he tried to talk to Sansa.

    I forget what the context was, I know it was from Season 4 stuff...I think they were just asking him to describe how he feels about different characters because I remember one from that same interview where he talks about Joffrey and how terrible he is lol
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    His face is just killing me in that gif. I can’t stop watching.
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    Forever his best role.
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    if i don't like your avatar i don't like you

    I think my favorite quote of his in the show is, “what the fuck’s a Lommy”.
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    He has a lot of funny lines, def one of the top characters of the show.

    Still can't get over his last line to Arya and the way he delivered it. Dude really cared about the Stark girls.
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    Lmao I went back there tonight to look for memes and this was my exact reaction
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    Why is this thread still active. Shut it down @Jason Tate
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    Davos has the best character arc. Straight line to the fucking top
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    Some interesting quotes from Sapochnik in here.

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    The ruthless angle would have been cool, but I’m also happy with how Jorah went out. Yeah it was probably a little too perfect...but it was perfect.
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  25. Brother Beck Jun 14, 2019
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    Brother Beck

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    The more I read about the show, the more I wish Benioff & Weiss had stepped away at a certain point and let someone else or other people show-run and bring the show to conclusion.

    I do also like how Jorah went out on the show, but Sapochnik's idea would have been better and more true to how the show used to be. Almost all of the main character storylines felt like they played out a little too cleanly.

    Some of the episodes that came after "The Long Night" absolutely weakened it retroactively. Things like the Dothraki and the Unsullied becoming large, powerful forces again hurt that episode a lot.
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