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  1. David87

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    I think she's the only noble left that is of age and isn't a new ruling family.

    Edmure you could make the case for I suppose. But Robyn, Gendry, whoever is the new family in the Reach, new Prince of Dorne, and Tyrion is the presumed lord of the Westerlands now. Sansa is probably the best combo of most "well liked" and most capable of ruling out of all those people at this point. AND she'd presumably have Bran at her side, who would make her an extremely effective ruler.
  2. David87

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    Umm...BRAN For Master of Whispers duh

    Arya and Brienne belong on the Queensgard obviously
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  3. David87

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    Having read The World of Ice and Fire, NO. I am convinced there are no good islands out there that aren't already civilized. All the non-civilized ones are terrifying and they will all die.

    I know you were kidding but still lol
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  4. EASheartsVinyl

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    I’m howling at the idea of Edmure being on the throne. He might as well not even exist.
  5. Garrett

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    My money is literally on Arya and Brienne vs anything else remaining in the world sans Drogon so even in this joke scenario my case stands
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  6. OotyPa


    I don’t think it’s odd behavior to read actor interviews. I’ve been doing that from the start, and I do that with every show that I’m invested in. I agree that there’s a lot of fan entitlement, but to be frank, people are disappointed so what can you expect? The entire country was flipping a shit when The Sopranos ended the way it did. As for the petition, its silly and useless and i dont think anyone actually expects it to make a difference. I lol’d when I saw it had nearly 500,000 signatures though. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself here.
  7. Anthony_

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    Bran isn't interested in titles or government or anything like that, he'd advise her but he wouldn't want to have a formal title most likely. Arya's place is out in the field, not standing guard in court. and Brienne is the only advisor Sansa trusts. She'd probably be a hybrid hand/Lord Commander of the Queensguard though.
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  8. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Yeah I can’t see them ending it with a singular character ending up on the throne. That’s a pretty weak way to leave off narratively speaking. Haha. “Great, we knocked out SOME of the bad guys but now we’re good...until someone else poisons the queen or starts a war to take over.” I also don’t think it would feel satisfying to just leave it open-ended with a power vacuum but who knows.
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  9. Anthony_

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    The last shot of the series will be of a wheel of some kind turning. It'll be as subtle as the rat at the end of The Departed.
  10. EASheartsVinyl

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    Aww man, and I haven’t thought about that trash ending in like a month.
  11. Wharf Rat

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    i mean, you know, the wheel is turning and it can't slow down, you can't let go and you can't hold on, you can't go back and you can't stand still and if the fire dont get you then the dragon will :shrug:
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  12. Anthony_

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    Won't Jon try just a little bit harder
    Couldn't Jon try just a little bit more
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  13. Wharf Rat

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    i love it when a bit comes together
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  14. phaynes12

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    reading actor interviews is different behavior than reading into facial cues of press interviews on a red carpet in video format
  15. Anthony_

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  16. Davjs


    Opening scene: Two hands bound together, close up. Slow pan out, you see Tyrion with a noose around his neck. Quick cut to Dany cutting the rope with a Valerian dagger. No dialogue spoken. Tyrion hangs for his crimes for setting Jaime free with all in silence as his body slowly drifts back and forth on the line.

    My hope for this Sunday.
  17. David87

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    That would literally burn the internet down lol

    I think there is a danger he gets got tho....Dany not gonna be happy with him. Just not sure if she lives long enough to do anything about it.
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  18. Leftandleaving

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    Why wouldn’t she just burn him instead
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  19. tvck


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    Wouldn't make the internet as mad.
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  21. Davjs


    Since the characters have all had so much plot armor the last few seasons before last Sunday, I'm fine with Dany just offing a lot of our favorites before she gets hers.
  22. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I don't want to hear 'plot armor' or 'subverting expectations' ever again, hahaha

    Literally every single show has some form of plot armor. Every single character on GoT should have been dead multiple times over, even in the widely accepted "best" seasons however many years ago. Shows exist with characters who overcome unrealistic events over and over and over again. If you can't suspend your disbelief of that now, especially after doing it dozens of times over the past decade, then I don't know what to tell you.

    Not calling you out specifically @Davjs , we're cool, haha, it just reminded me of the people who lean on that way too hard.
  23. David87

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    Dany should have died in the season 1 pyre scene #plotarmor
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  24. Davjs


    Haha it's all good. I never really used it before but man this show really did add that term to my vocabulary. After watching the Night King battle or the ep where they go to retrieve the white walker to show Cerise, how can you not though?

    Just saying I'm ready to just have them go crazy in this last episode to make up for all the fan favorites making it through impossible situations and being saved last minute from behind non stop lol
  25. Zilla

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    Since D & D love big TV moments and last-minute saves, it would be this but Bronn would break the noose with his bow and arrow because Tyrion still owes him Highgarden.
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