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  1. currytheword


    Hate to be that guy but I def made that BEWD reference a long time ago.

    No one liked it.
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  2. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Weirdly, I felt the same. They haven't even really started to set up his endgame yet because he's only had like one brief scene this season, but who knows if that means anything anymore. I would guess that he has one more encounter with Melisandre or the Red Priestesses before he goes.
  3. EASheartsVinyl

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    Clearly you could not be the bearer of The Pun That Was Promised.
  4. morgantayler

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    My quickfire thoughts from the last ep: it was good.

    I had no problem with the Arya stuff. It’s not like they never established there was interest and it’s nice to have an instance where a woman on this show was allowed to make that choice for herself when there have been so many instances where they haven’t.

    Brienne getting knighted made me so happy

    My top picks for death next week are Grey Worm, Jorah, Tormund, and Brienne. Although I badly want Brienne to live. Theon has a good chance as well.
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  5. David87

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  6. EASheartsVinyl

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    I’m blanking, when did Arya learn about the Gendry/Melisandre thing?
  7. David87

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    She was still with The Brotherhood when they sold Gendry to her, and then right before they got it in, Arya asked him what the Red Woman wanted from him and he told her about the stripping and leeching
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  8. EASheartsVinyl

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    Aaaah ok, I forgot she was there when that happened.
  9. New promo shot from E3
  10. spiffa0

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    Looks like they are safe in the crypts
  11. aliens exist

    pure on main

    new promo shot from e3

  12. Assuming Varys just never moves, him looking terrified in the trailer involves someone coming down that passage lmao
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  13. Kyle Max

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    Give me Lady Stoneheart. Last chance folks!
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  14. Mrk_Brdshw

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    That makes me think, have we ever seen Varys physically do anything other than walk slowly with his hands in his sleeves? Can't wait until everyone is running away from the wights in the crypts and Varys is still going 1 mph. "Guys, wait for me!"
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  15. Ken

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    I think he's more likely to stand there and embrace it than run.
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  16. Anthony_

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    Tyrion is one of my favorite characters in all of fiction (both book Tyrion and show Tyrion) so I'm predisposed to love him paired with any character, but I have always particularly enjoyed scenes with Tyrion and Varys together.
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  17. airik625

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  18. David87

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    Damn. Not that Cogman is great or anything as a writer but I trusted him with the world, he's a superfan of ASOIAF as far as I know
  19. coleslawed

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    wait, was that the Long Night series?
  20. aoftbsten

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    I've loved these first two episodes, especially the last one. It got back to the character work that's been the core of the show for me. I'm gonna be so bummed when half of them die next week.
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  21. David87

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    No that one is still on. There were 5 pitches to HBO and they’ve only picked up the one so far
  22. xDumpweed182x


    No way. They already have a cast and I'm pretty sure they've at least started shooting the pilot. This was probably one of the other 10 they had in development.
  23. coleslawed

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    oh, I didn’t realize there was any movement going on with any besides that one.
  24. CarpetElf

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    What could something go wrong? I didn't get that from last weeks episode. Guess the message was very.........cryptic
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  25. Garrett

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    I have to work until 11pm on sunday RIP me
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