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  1. CarpetElf

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    Soon you can switch to Nick Foles!
  2. morgantayler

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    I just hope it’s someone other than Bortles lol
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  3. Sean Murphy

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  4. JBoch

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    I'm going to guess we get the first trailer either Sunday during the Grammy's or end of the month during the Oscar's
  5. morgantayler

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    These literally show nothing except Jaime got a beard and some “new” armor lol. Hopefully this means we’re close to an actual trailer though.

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  6. David87

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    I think the new armor is kind of important....looks very very northern. I wasn't sure if he'd arrive in the North in time for the White Walkers or what we were gonna get there. By the looks of it, he's been in the North for some time.
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  7. Matt

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    Just finished season one on my rewatch. I haven't watched these episodes since 2011, everything is so much easier to follow with the context of who the characters are.
  8. Donnie Ruth

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    Game of Thrones is the best show to watch... a second time, lol.

    My first time watching I was SO concerned with knowing who everyone was and definitely lost track of why they were doing certain things.
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  9. David87

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    Yep...said this here before but what hooked me in, which was before Season 2 came out, was watching season 1, then watching season 2 live...and then immediately watching season 1 again. It helped me so much with knowing all the names and characters.
  10. Mrk_Brdshw

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    There are just so many characters in the damn show. You don't understand the relationships of the houses, what role people had during Robert's Rebellion, etc. until a couple of seasons into the show. When you go back and watch it, you're like "Oh, THAT's who that guy was..."
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  11. theagentcoma

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    For example, in season 1 when Ned Stark orders Ser Beric Dondarrion to hunt down the Mountain and bring him to justice, it was a totally different actor who didn't have any lines as opposed to the badass we get in later seasons when he pops up again.
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  12. Maverick


    Yeah when I watched the first 4 seasons for the first time I had no idea how great this show really was until the rewatch. Or it could have just been watching Hardhome for the first time because damn..
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  13. coleslawed

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    my first watch through consisted of reading a wiki-recap after each episode.
  14. David87

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    Season 1 is marathoning on HBO now...are we 7 weekends away? Are we gonna get a season a Saturday until the premier?
  15. airik625

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    Was thinking about this earlier, but every Valyrian steel weapon we have come across so far is either in the North, or headed there right now. That’s helpful.
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  16. currytheword


    I already see a scene where Sam is being cornered by a white walker, and he just by luck swings his father’s sword or sticks it out at the last second and saves himself.
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  17. CarpetElf

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    Sam gives the sword to Jorah.
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  18. JBoch

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    I’ve watched the entire series four times now and still pick up on new details every time
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  19. Leftandleaving

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  20. spiffa0

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    So rewatching season 7 and in the first episode when Sam sees the dragonstone map, the page before has the dagger that was used to attack bran, correct?
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  21. mgiannotti

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  22. morgantayler

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    Not huge spoilers but a potential cast list for the premiere was found that would mark the return of some characters that didn’t appear in season 7.

  23. Donnie Ruth

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    ^ I know exactly which link to NOT open just in case lol
  24. tdlyon

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    So... I started this for the first time a couple days ago. Just finished the first season tonight

    I'm fucking loving it so far, I'm already super invested. I'm also finding it a lot easier to follow than I anticipated, I was expecting to have to look stuff up all the time but I haven't had to at all yet
  25. Donnie Ruth

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    As it progresses a whole lot more characters join in and more storylines in all parts of the world take place, so you may get confused here and there.

    However, ENJOY!!!