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Gabe Maas and the Bruins

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 7, 2018.

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    I recently had the opportunity to interview the up-and-coming indie artist named Gabe Maas and the Bruins. They are currently self-releasing their music and plan to tour more extensively this coming fall/winter. We chatted about what influenced their sound and what artists inspire his project.

    I’m here with Gabe Maas <pronounced “moss”> from the Gabe Maas and the Bruins. Can you tell us a little bit about what artists influenced your sound today?

    My biggest influences when starting out were Twenty One Pilots since they were still relatively small when I was in high school, and they were playing shows around where I live, so I’d go see them. It was kind of a real inspiration to see them “blow up” like they did now. Coming from a small town and turning into a kind of empire that they built.

    Right, they have been incredibly massive recently.

    Another huge influence was Josiah Leming, from American Idol-fame. He kind of would live out of his car and played the piano, and that’s what I play. He’s still doing it, and he’s been a real grassroots kind of guy. He recently switched over to an Americana-type folk music, and its neat to see how he’s progressed as a musician. Additionally, his songwriting just keeps getting better which pushes me to get better at mine as well. Those are my two main influences.

    How would you describe your songwriting process?

    Right now, I rarely just write a song on a piano, especially in the days of now where you can just open up a computer and find the sound you are looking for. So it’s really just finding a sound that feels good and fits my emotion at that time. Really my songwriting process is just opening up Logic (software) and then just sampling drums and building chord progressions around it.

    What software do you use for this project, in case others wanted to get involved in this genre?

    I use Logic Pro-X. I think its super easy, super user-friendly and it’s good if you’ve been an Apple user and it’s very similar to the Garage Band app for Apple.

    Do you have any plans for touring on the material you have released online?

    I do. I’m trying to get something together for the Fall or Winter.I had a tour that just fell through this past week and so I just decided to go on vacation instead, so it all worked out.

    How would you describe your live show?

    The live show is really unique. I’m in a weird transition where we were playing full band: drum, bass, guitars; now I’m really just transitioning to piano and running tracks. It’s really cool to integrate the drummer into it since the band is really just me, and I’ll really just work in a drummer. Every show is different that we play.

    Do you have any future recording plans? What does the future hold for the group?

    Right now, I have two singles released thus far. And, I’m currently working on trying to get more released soon. Then I’m going to be saving up to record the next record. Then I’m hoping to have that out in the next year or two, I’d say.

    What are your goals for this current project?

    It’s really just to show people my sound and how I’ve changed. We went from being an indie rock band to just playing radio pop songs to this project I’m working on now so I’m just transitioning to what we are going to do now.

    Are you on a label or are you self-releasing material?

    I’m self-releasing, since I really don’t like the idea labels in this day & age.

    Is there a particular reason for that, or do you just want to have full control?

    I really like the thought of having full control. A label would be nice for more connections, but I feel like the era that we’re in, with the internet, and how easy it is for musicians to connect with others, I don’t feel labels are very necessary. Unless, you’re at a certain level of success like some of the big pop stars.

    What would be the perfect cover song for your live show?

    Anything by Charlie Puth or Post Malone.

    Last question: What would you like to share with your audience at this time?

    Just be patient…we’ll have some new music coming out in the next few months. I’m going to try to tour and I’m going to hit the Midwest soon, just be patient.

    Thanks, Gabe for your time. Best of luck to you in the future.

    Be sure to check out Gabe Maas and the Bruins latest single, called “Collapse.”

  2. Great interview! I'm excited to see what Gabe does next.
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