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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by brandon_260, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. irthesteve

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    About You and Killing My Time are A+, the rest has varied so far... still interested though of course
  2. irthesteve

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    the whole album is out and.... it's not great. She doesn't really excel in downtempo stuff and 80% of this is super downtempo and drags
  3. Orla

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    6/10 of the tracks being released ahead of the album drop did take a bit of wind out of it for me, but I do like the new songs (especially “Waking Up Tomorrow”) and the record as a whole. “I Am Not Afraid” is still one of my favourite singles of 2019, too.
  4. irthesteve

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    Alright it's growing on me a little bit after a few more listens
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  5. Steeeve Perry


    Not a big fan of the album (agree the downtempo songs are not quite there for me yet, though I think she has some potential in that area). About You and Killing My Time are one of the best one-two punch debut singles in a long time though.
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  6. irthesteve

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    after a few listens I like Lover, I Am Not Afraid, Drink Too Much, Killing My Time, About You. The rest kinda drag for me
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