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Future MLB expansion Cities

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Michael G, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Michael G


    what are some cities that you could imagine supporting MLB teams in the future? Or what current teams should get traded, and where?

    I could imagine:
    Las Vegas, NV
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Portland, OR
    New Orleans, LA
    Charlotte, NC
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Nashville/Memphis, TN
    Indianapolis, IN
    Or even cities outside of the country like Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Mexico City, Tijuana, Chihuahua

    As for teams, I could imagine the A’s leaving Oakland for New Orleans because they’ve had pretty poor attendance lately and they’re really overshadowed by the Giants for the Northern California appeal. Also I think New Orleans would be a good market for a team since the south is kinda shafted on teams, basically just getting Atlanta and Houston. I think New Orleans would be good to appeal to the gulf area cities like Mobile, Biloxi, Gulf Shores as well as Louisiana.

    Frankly, the Angels could probably go. They have high attendance rates but would be a good fit in Las Vegas I think. (Sin City Angels sounds pretty neat in my opinion.)

    I would suggest the White Sox leaving Chicago for Indiana for a few reasons. They’re also really overshadowed by the Cubs in town, and have pretty low attendance. But at the same time, Cincinnati seems to be struggling and they split their market with Indiana and Kentucky, so who knows, maybe a team in indiana would flop. The Indiana White Sox has a nice ring to it though

    Also the Marlins, bruh. How are the Marlins still a team? They should leave and relocate in either Nashville or Charlotte under a different name. Tampa is basically on the way out too, i don’t get why Florida just doesn’t seem to like their teams. Maybe it’s just too many transplants to the area that already have their own teams they like instead. Florida might as well have just one team
  2. web250

    I'll change this eventually Prestigious

    Can't imagine it being New Orleans. Why start building a fan base in a city that might not exist in 30 years due to climate change. Hard to see the Marlins moving due to that new stadium (except...again...climate change). Tampa sure to leave if they don't replace the Trop. Plus they have no fans. It sounds like a game in the Bronx when the Yanks come to town.

    I think the MLB wants to go more international. Could likely see another Canadian team, possibly a Latin American team, and London down the road.
  3. matty

    Avocado At Law Prestigious

    IMHO, Portland should be the next city to get one. Hell, they're even building an MLB stadium without even any assurance that they'll get a team - so a lot of eggs are going in that basket.

    Las Vegas makes sense because of the weather. New Orleans does not. Also, New Orleans isn't as big of a market as many think it is. I still think Montreal should get the Expos back.

    I do agree that both the Rays and Marlins should relocate. Florida does not need a baseball team; neither of those big cities are baseball cities. One should go to Portland, the other to Montreal. Not sure how the divisions would break down (Portland to AL West with Houston moving to AL Central division?), but the thought of it just feels right.
  4. Michael G


    Yeah that is a good point about New Orleans, it’s not worth investing in a future with not much of a future. I would suggest Montreal but the Expos had really poor attendance in their final few years. I guess that was almost 20 years ago though so things could be very different now
  5. matty

    Avocado At Law Prestigious

    You could be right on that point, but it just seems like MLB is eager to get baseball back to Montreal (or just to have a second Canadian team in general). I would assume they have their finger to the pulse on whether a return of the Expos would be well-received or not.
  6. DooDooBird


    Tampa Bay needs to permanently relocate to Montreal and become the Expos. No hokey, gimmicky, dual city shit that they talked about doing.

    Oakland A's need to leave and join the Raiders in Vegas.

    Once the Jeter ownership is a certified failure, give up on Miami baseball and move the team to Portland and rename the team.

    NL West:

    LA Dodgers
    San Diego
    San Fran

    NL Central:

    St Louis

    NL East:


    Pittsburgh and Philly in the same division would be good. Also, divisions in the AL would remain the same. Except the Rays become the Montreal Expos and you have a nice Canadian division rivalry between the Expos/Blue Jays.
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  7. natelivliv


    Don't want to even consider expanding before the A's and Rays situations are solved.
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  8. terps12


    The Marlins aren't moving a season after opening a new stadium, regardless of what their ownership and talent looks like.

    The Rays have already have approval to move to Montreal for some part time basis. I could see that moving to full time with enough support in the area.

    The A's apparently have approval on a stadium in Oakland so you'd hope that if a new stadium comes through, attendance will rise and ownership may spend a little more. TBD.

    I see Portland and something in the Carolina's/Nashville area from a geographical standpoint. Mexico City makes sense as the MLB has hosted series there the last few years.
  9. I think a team would do better in Raleigh than it would in Charlotte