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    Just what I want to hear haha
  2. Marx&Recreation


    Just finished the whole second season yep idc. My biggest complaint is that there's way too much time spent with the main three being apart from each other. Their chemistry is easily the best part of the show. It isn't until ep. 9 or so that they're back together for good.

    And for anyone who's finished it: No idea what they're planning for next season but I really hope this newest storyline isn't just like a one or two episode thing that they ditch. I was already starting to get tired with this season's rehash of the Resistance (primitive) vs. Biotics (advanced) argument
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    And is even better for it. it will be a shame if we don't get a diecathalon season
  4. Henry

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    I really liked the idea of the simulation. Its weird that this season took a pretty big philosophical stance. Also really odd that the trailer had Seth Rogen, even though he didn't show up until the last episode.

    Really hope next season is what they showed.