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From the Makers of Fantastical: Cardhop

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 18, 2017.

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    Flexibits, the creators of my favorite calendar app Fantastical, have launched their new contacts app today Cardhop.

    MacStories has a good run down:

    Cardhop is based on a single text field that sometimes acts as a search field and other times is a text input field. Clicking on Cardhop’s icon in your menu bar opens a detachable drop-down window with a cursor blinking in an empty field. Below that is a column of contact groups on the left, which are the same ones you’d find if you open Apple’s Contacts app, and a list of recently contacted people and upcoming birthdays on the right. If you want to see all your contacts though, they are just one button click away. You can also hide the groups panel with a button at the bottom of the Cardhop window, which reduces Cardhop to its most minimal UI, which is how I prefer to use it because I don’t usually organize contacts into groups.

    I think it looks really good, but I don’t have much of a usage for something like this. It sure is pretty though.

  2. Frank Lapidus

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    @Jason Tate Ive been thinking of switching everything over to Fantastical. I know it’s your preferred app - what are 2-3 reasons why it’s your go to Calendar app?
  3. 1. Hotkey to event entry on the Mac. Being able to hit a key combo, type in what I want, and get back to work is great. Plus, if I need to check something or see what's on my calendar today, I can do it with a simple key press.

    2. Design. it's really well considered.
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  4. Frank Lapidus

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    Awesome. Thanks for the input. I switched over to the iPhone app and love it. Will switch to the Mac app soon.