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Frightened Rabbit Tribute Show Up for Stream and Download

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Frightened Rabbit have released the audio of their Scott Hutchison tribute show on Soundcloud and for download on Dropbox. The band posted the audio along with this message:

    This night was not a night of mourning or a night of sadness but a celebration of an extremely special person and the music he created. Scott inspired everyone who met him, heard his lyrics or saw his art. We feel his loss every day but we are all in this together and we carry on strengthened by the support of the people involved in this recording and those around the world who have been affected by Scott’s passing. A huge thank you goes out to Ben Gibbard, Craig Finn, Aaron Dessner, Julien Baker and Kevin Devine for their support, love and kindness in being involved. We want to encourage people who listen to this to laugh, cry, hug and sing in your worst Scottish accent at the top of your lungs and keep the spirit of Scott alive in all our hearts and all our voices. While we’re alive let’s all make tiny changes to Earth.

  2. KyleK

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    Was really excited to see they had posted this to share with fans. I suspect I'm not alone in feeling his loss hardest of all celebrity passings of the past few years, and this is a beautiful tribute to him that recognizes how important he was to the music community.
  3. Ska Senanake


    It can't be overstated enough how talented Scott was and how good his music was. Frightened Rabbit is a staple. RIP
  4. artbynickferran

    I think about Scott or his music in some small way nearly every day. Hearing these songs played again by some of my favorite musicians is such a comfort. Rest in power, Scott.