Frightened Rabbit - Tiny Changes: A Celebration Of The Midnight Organ Fight (July 12, 2019) Album

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    Before Scott died, an idea was formed to celebrate 10 years of their seminal album The Midnight Organ Fight by asking some of their talented buds in music to take a crack at their own versions of a song on the album. The whole album was recorded and was due to be released last summer, but then unfortunately Scott passed away last May. The band have decided they still want to release the record as a testament to the album, and to Scott.

    Vinyl Track listing

    SIDE A

    Biffy Clyro – The Modern Leper

    Oxford Collapse – I Feel Better

    Fiskur – Good Arms vs Bad Arms

    Right On Dynamite – Fast Blood

    Josh Ritter – Old Old Fashioned

    SIDE B

    Wintersleep – The Twist

    The Philistines Jr. – Bright Pink Bookmark

    Craig Finn – Head Rolls Off

    Harkin and Sarah Silverman – My Backwards Walk

    SIDE C

    Benjamin Gibbard – Keep Yourself Warm

    Inletts– Extrasupervery

    Daughter – Poke

    The Twilight Sad – Floating In The Forth

    Aaron Dessner & Lauren Mayberry - Who'd You Kill Now?

    SIDE D

    Julien Baker – The Modern Leper

    Piano Bar Fight – The Twist

    Manchester Orchestra – My Backwards Walk
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    Tracks released so far:

    Biffy Clyro - Modern Leper

    Julien Baker - Modern Leper

    Manchester Orchestra - My Backwards Walk

    Harkin & Sarah Silverman - My Backwards Walk
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    Tracks I'm most excited to hear next: heads roll off, fast blood, and floating in the forth.

    However, i'm not the biggest Craig Finn fan, and we've already heard him sing a version at the tribute show. Not familiar with Right on Dynamite at all.
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    Benjamin Gibbard – Keep Yourself Warm

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    Daughter's cover is the best I've heard so far. Don't know how I'm going to cope with Twilight Sad doing Floating in the Forth
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    Its out there now. Please listen and please donate.
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    Some really cool covers on here, others I'm not crazy about on first listen. After listening to Biffy and Manchester's, and even Ben's - I realized how much I enjoy the slight modifications they've made. Fast Blood is one of my favorites of Scott's and it felt weird hearing a rendition that didn't really change anything. I didn't enjoy it.

    And boy was I disappointed in Head Rolls Off. The repetition of the 'house in the clouds' line at the beginning of the song doesn't do it for me. I love how the original abruptly starts with the "jesus" line. It seems like an important part of the song.
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    Has anyone received their vinyl yet or know when it ships?
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    This one was a big one for me. There's definitely a lot of good ones in there and some that have an interesting take on the songs. Would love to have had Twilight Sad's rendition of "Keep Yourself Warm" on there as well.