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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by SpyKi, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. phaynes12

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    i find myself listening to mastersystem album a bit more than FR stuff. yeah. it's still too soon.
  2. Carrow

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    The best songwriter of his generation would have been 38 today. If you're struggling, this might help. Love you Scott and miss you every single day. :heart:

  3. Paddy

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    This made me cry

  4. arewehavingfunyet


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  5. CoffeeEyes17

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    Just wanted to say Pedestrian Verse needs to be on more decade best of lists. What a phenomenal album.

    We miss you Scott
  6. SpyKi

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    That and Winter of Mixed Drinks are both in my top 50.
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  7. phaynes12

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    honestly too hard to think about their stuff still so it admittedly slipped my mind
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  8. copperperson997


    probably my favorite album, period. I don't know what someone looks for in an album that Pedestrian Verse doesn't deliver.

    the producer Leo Abrahams even said that he wouldn't change anything about that album when reminiscing on music he's worked on.
  9. Serenity Now

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    Revisiting it now after a very long while, but you're right. PV definitely belongs on a best of the decade list. Every second of it is meaningful.
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  10. vidiviciveni


    2013 was a bum time for me so I tend to mentally block out how awesome Pedestrian Verse is, especially since my fave of theirs is The Midnight Organ Fight and their best song is Not Miserable

    I need to re-listen for sure
  11. Dave Diddy

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    For the longest time I would have said Organ Fight was my favorite of theirs but the one I listen to the most is definitely PV
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  12. Importer/Exporter

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    ^^^ same
  13. phaynes12

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    listening to them for the first time in earnest since, ya know.
  14. phaynes12

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    incredible how perfect even their b-sides are. one of my faves:
  15. Carrow

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    Going to this tomorrow so I've decided to revisit the band's back catalogue, bar the songs I absolutely cannot bear to listen to. (Floating in the Forth, Still Want to Be Here, Death Dream, Die Like A Rich Boy) Have mostly avoided everything since Scott's death so it's fitting this is the first song that shows up on shuffle.

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