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  1. Dog Fish

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    holy shit that biffy one is sooo good
  2. vidiviciveni


    As a huge fan of The Twist I can’t wait to hear what good ol Canadian boys Wintersleep do with it
  3. arewehavingfunyet


    Covers are rad and I'm looking forward to the entire thing but I can't help but feel like Scott made these songs what they are. It's hard to explain but in my opinion, no one's cover has even come close to the originals. They're good in their own way don't get me wrong...I can't really articulate it.
  4. MFA

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    It's probably the intent behind the words - it's one thing to write and sing your own lyrics, and another to sing someone else's. Not to say you can't create an emotional cover, Julien's cover made me VERY VERY EMOTIONAL, but the passion and knowledge and intent that Scott put into their songs isn't something that you can necessarily recreate.
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  5. arewehavingfunyet


    Totally agree. I even got teary-eyed during Julien's cover. So many mixed emotions when listening to FR for me now.
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  6. aspeedomodel

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    Julien's cover is wonderful. Have listened like 6 times so far today.
  7. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

  8. Dog Fish

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    Was anyone able to hear Manchester’s cover that premiered in sirus Saturday?
  9. the rural juror

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    After a long break I recently started listening to FR again. Scott left behind a remarkable body of work and it feels good to enjoy their music again.
  10. vidiviciveni


    First minute or two of this video captures his charm pretty perfectly

  11. arewehavingfunyet


  12. arewehavingfunyet


  13. vidiviciveni


    I don't love either of those if I'm being honest

    Never been that bored by Andy Hull before
  14. Importer/Exporter

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    cannot wait for Craig Finn 'Head Rolls Off' it's just right in his wheelhouse
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  15. Importer/Exporter

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    this video always bums me out because i love it and my wife sent it to me around the time we first started dating years ago to tell me i looked like him :(
  16. phaynes12

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    mastersystem is such a tough and haunting listen, my god
  17. okayibelieveyou

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    It's incredible though, it's really grown with time. Must Try Harder and Old Team are up there with his best stuff.
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  18. phaynes12

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    the closer rules too
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  19. Serenity Now

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    Revisiting Mastersystem now. Had to put it away after May 2018. Such a bummer because I was thrilled by every aspect of it when it initially came out.
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  21. Slangster

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  22. okayibelieveyou

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    Was worried about it before but that Daughter cover is brilliant.
  23. Brother Beck

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    I still have a really hard time listening to their music. I put the album on the other day and I didn't even make it all the way through "Death Dream".
  24. arewehavingfunyet


    "We’ll always miss him" – Frightened Rabbit, their closest friends and collaborators celebrate the beauty of Scott Hutchison - NME

    Some intersting info in here including this about the 1975:

    When talking to James, he added that “Scott’s music will continue to live on and reach new people, all the time, but we’ve got to find new ways to make sure that happens”. Frightened Rabbit themselves say they definitely won’t play any more shows again, but are open to celebrating their music in whatever ways feel right. Curiously, they tease that something may even be in the works with The 1975.

    “They’ve come to a few shows,” says Grant. “We are having conversations with them. We’ve been in touch. Their bassist [Adam Hann] is a big fan and they reached out after Scott died. Matty Healy is also a big Twilight Sad fan”

    Also Grant talks about new music eventually:

    Grant: “There are some unheard songs and demoes that we’ll probably work on when we’re in the right place. They were new songs that we were working on. We’d been working since the end of the ‘Panic Attack’ campaign. I think it would be good for us too. You know, completion. They’re there, and personally I’m very aware that they’re there. I haven’t managed to go back through them yet. I tried a couple of times but I can’t do it.

    “I feel it’s important that we do it, and that we have the control over it. The songs will be there forever anyway on a hard drive. I know for a fact that Scott wouldn’t want them released in their current state, because they’re not ready, but it’s personally something that I feel I want to do, and I want to do it with these guys. Everyone feels the same. I don’t know what format that will take, but that’s for when we’ve figured things out.”
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  25. arewehavingfunyet


    Tiny Changes is out now!

    I'm working from home this morning so I'm about to put on headphones and listen to it. I'll post some thoughts later - hope this release turns more people on to the greatness of Frabbits.
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