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    Being from Saskatchewan I never dreamed I'd get to see them play, and then in 2011 when I was randomly in Toronto with my ex, FR happened to be opening for Death Cab the day after I'd seen an outdoor Third Eye Blind concert. Probably the ultimate few days of my life musically.
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    I don't suppose anybody has seen any covers / tributes done of their non-Midnight Organ Fight songs? I think all of the covers that I've seen pop up are doing versions of songs from MOF.
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    Nah. I wish more people appreciated the later stuff and solo projects, cuz i think it’s all often just as good as MOF. One of the last interviews that i think he did, he sounded kind of exhausted by all the love and attention for that album. Granted, this was coming off the 10-year tour, but still.
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    Somewhere he stated they were doing the 10yr tour more for the fans because they knew how much the record meant to us all. I think he was talking about how these 10yr tours can seem kind of like a cash grab or kinda sad just reliving the best record from a band past their prime and how the shows were more a celebration of MOF and the lasting impression it had on the fans, something like that..
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    Things stood out to me as well but Backyard Skulls & Lump Street were great too!
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    Had not seen that before, but Backyard Skulls was a nice treat.
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    Still thinking about Scott every day and listening to FR every day. Still broken hearted.
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    For me there have been a few days now where I haven't actively been thinking about him, but it really hurts when it does come into my mind again. My wife was sort of thrown by how much his suicide affected me, but unfortunately a little while later a very similar thing happened to her with Anthony Bourdain.
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    Love that they're doing that. There's videos of James crying his eyes out during the performance and at the end cracking a slight smile and I think it could be the strongest visual of how powerful music can be I've ever seen.

    It makes sense too since James sang on "Keep Yourself Warm" on the Live MOF FR album.
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    Yeah they do that version from the Live MOF FR basically. He was bawling his eyes out again but it just means so much.
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    Missed this one when it came out last year.
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    I think between the last several FR songs and mastersystem, this is one of the most gut wrenching phases of a songwriter’s work that I’ve ever listened to.
  16. arewehavingfunyet


    I agree. The lyrics on "Roadless" stand out to me now in hindsight.

    "I turned off the road
    Because I was bored
    Because I was empty
    And we all need filling up
    I'd been running on petrol fumes
    And enough was not enough...

    I got lost
    Just hanging around
    In a blur of the days and weeks and months
    Took the calendar down
    And watched everyone going somewhere
    While I waited to be found
    At the cat piss inn
    Bathing in bleach
    I'm too neutral now to find color o'er my cheeks"

    Also "No Real Life" was to benefit Alzheimer charity and I read last night it was written from the perspective of someone with dementia, but it's hard not to think it was really about how Scott was feeling with this line:

    "I see light in the crack of the door way
    That extra-terrestrial glow
    So cocoon my body, transport me
    I don’t care to live in this world anymore"

    I know it's kind of morbid but I have thought a lot about what he may have been thinking in those final hours. It all feels like a bad dream I can't wake up from that I unfortunately know is real. Because I haven't suffered from depression it's hard to understand what he may have been going through. Grant also spoke up about that recently that it was hard at times to feel empathy for Scott or understand what was happening because he didn't know what it was like first hand.

    He also mentioned in an interview around Painting of a Panic Attack that sometimes he just wishes Aliens would come abduct him to another planet rather than spending another minute here which makes those lines on "No Real Life" stand out even more. Sorry for rambling, but my only friend who understands what I'm going through with everything that happened is sick of me talking about it I think.
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    Voice of Voices

    Yeah. 'Bird is Bored of Flying' is especially poignant in light of all this. And from my perspective, as someone who has dealt with depression for the past decade or so in varying degrees of severity, his work from the Painting of a Panic Attacke-era onwards captures an angle of depression that I feel like we don't really recognize enough: that it isn't always, or simply, some kind of paralyzing sadness, but also listlessness and frustration and hopelessness and a general feeling of "screw this". He was an incredible writer, and the kind of clarity in the past few years of his work is arresting.

    And no worries about going in-depth -- my friends are kind of over it too i think, but it's been a big point of despair for me the past few months and hearing others process it is a healing experience for me, so thanks for getting into it, honestly!
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    I live about 10 miles away from where Scott died.

    Such a great band, been listening to them a lot in the last few weeks.
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    if anyone is planning to go see the new film Skyscraper, there is a new (maybe the last ever) Frightened Rabbit song called Rise Above the Clouds playing over the end credits. I don't know if it'll ever be released but I'm so glad I got a heads-up. Catch me bawling my fucking eyes out when I go see this.
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    writing a thing about my favorite albums of the 2000s and TMOF (first time listening since scott passed) is really messing me up in a new light now
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    I know it's a selfish thing to think/say but I really hope this isn't the last new music we get from them. Holding out hope they may release some new demos or unreleased tracks.
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    Older performance but looks like it was recently uploaded..
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    That’s such a strange combo
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    "I will not sit and wait for a break in the clouds/I'll carry on through the rainstorm without you now."
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    That song does not fit with the Skyscraper film at all haha.

    Does the chorus also remind anybody a bit of "Rained On"? The vocal melody particularly.

    "I will not sit and wait for a break in the clouds" vs "I won’t be sorry anymore, since January 1st"? Or am I hearing things.