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Frank Turner - No Man’s Land (August 16, 2019) Album • Page 4

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Sean Murphy, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. The record’s pretty boring and not worth all this effort, and men should listen to women more.
  2. JRGComedy

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    So is the next record the one where Frank "returns to his roots" and writes some good songs again?
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  3. .K.

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    Not going to play this game.
  4. Sean Murphy

    you had me at meat tornado Supporter

    Honestly it seems like youre the one looking for a fight or argument. If you like the songs thats great, nobodys throwing you to the wolves for enjoying music, but you have to also accept that people dont like it and this is at its basic nature a place for people to come and discuss said feelings.
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  5. Sean Murphy

    you had me at meat tornado Supporter

    boy do i hope
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  6. Donnie Ruth

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    After BMK I just needed something not boring outta him. Based off Jason’s comments and the two tracks we have ... I don’t think this is it. The idea is great ... but seems the execution will not be.

    I will still always see him live when he comes around because he absolutely crushes that every time and I still rank him very highly, but album wise I’m hoping for some vast improvement next time around.
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  7. .K.

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    I wish it always worked that way.
  8. JRGComedy

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    I dig a few tracks off BMK and I will absolutely listen to this one and give it a fair trial. Not kind of me to judge an entire album before it's even out, but I do pay for Jason's opinions and appreciate them.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. .K.

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    I remember Lars from Rancid talking about it’s hard to write when you’re happy, because you’re out enjoying life, but when you’re frustrated or pissed off, writing can be a great outlet. It was something along those lines.

    Frank is either engaged or married, has a steady band, does well on his tours and has become a successful writer. His concept of Be More Kind and No Man’s Land seemed to be based on his interests and observations as far as I can tell.

    Some of his earlier material was about his struggles, loss, search for love, touring/the grind, friendship, where he’s from. It all felt very personal.

    Is that the “return to his roots” element you’re hoping for? The more personal songwriting? Or do you mean more musically?

    I’d be down for a more personal album again if he’s up for it. Maybe it would back off the constant critics. That’s why I am most interested in hearing the song about his mom on the new album.
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  11. stars143


    Not digging the songs released so far. They are "just okay" musically. I will say, the podcast Frank is doing made me appreciate them a bit more. Having more context definitely helps with a history related project like this.
  12. JRGComedy

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    I was kinda being facetious haha. I used to get so mad at Say Anything fans for saying things like they wanted Max off his meds or to be unhappy again so he could write good music, so I would never wish unhappiness or unhealthiness upon Frank.

    I do agree with Craig's statement above that Frank excels most when he writes personal music, so it's been pretty interesting to see him running with political statements and history lessons. I'd be more interested in a joyous personal album from him, I think.

    An example I love to use is how Descendents grew up. They've kept the songs personal, but now they just write about being old and it's fun and cheeky. One of the best songs on their 2004 album is just about watching TV with your spouse. I'd love to hear Frank expound upon the happy moments in his life over the last few years!

    Do I want him to return to his roots musically is a great question. I personally think that Tape Deck Heart is the perfect encapsulation of his musical styles and also shows that he's capable of making a polished record that still has some bite to it, unlike Be More Kind. I'm also a weird Frank fan though; I don't really listen to any of his albums before England, Keep My Bones.
  13. .K.

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    Even if some people find this boring after it’s released, hopefully they can at least learn something.
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  14. JRGComedy

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    I actually have the podcast all queued up for when I have time to listen to it!
  15. AFoolsGlory


    New tour sounds interesting. Solo set followed by an "unplugged" set with The Sleeping Souls. I'll definitely hit that up.
  16. Donnie Ruth

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    I don't care if I hate every album he releases for the rest of time: I will still see him live any time he is in MA.
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  17. Sean Murphy

    you had me at meat tornado Supporter

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  18. SpyKi

    This Charming Man Supporter

    I doubt I'll ever see him again because his sets are pretty much always half filled with songs I don't really like now.
  19. Shrek

    leave the loop, walk the maze Prestigious

    these are both total snores. if i sit down with the lyrics and messages i may feel different but on the surface i have no desire to return
  20. johnnyferris Jul 15, 2019
    (Last edited: Jul 15, 2019)

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    He hasn’t been to California since the initial BMK tour so I hope he changes that this fall. Unplugged set with the souls sounds amazing. Play a Redemption twenty times and I’m content

    Edit: well here we go, but no Southern California show with 3 days in between Sacramento and Arizona.

  21. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    I’m not allowed to say anything about there being no Boston dates announced, right?
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  22. Barcara

    Vivat Virtute

    Holy smokes.

    Toronto now has Frank, Wilco/Lord Huron, Noah Gundersen and Bon Iver in the same week.

    E: I originally said Menzies (December) and not Bon Iver. Whoops. Still a crazy week.
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  23. AFoolsGlory


    Apologies if I'm being a bit dense here, but what time and when do the tickets to the UK tour go on sale? All the posts and things say about the fan presale for preordering, but when is it for just regular on sale?
  24. JimmyIymmiJ

    Music, a steady riot in my soul. Prestigious

    And just like that I get to see Frank and The Menzingers within three weeks of each other. Awesome.
  25. Donnie Ruth

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    2 very, very exceptional live shows.
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