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  1. abw123


    I'm excited, seeing him on Friday, thanks for the info
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    Here's the version of "Be More Kind" that he's playing at these shows
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  3. .K.

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    I’ll take the original, but it’s always interesting hearing a new arrangement.
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  5. abw123


    Saw him on Friday, it was a good show but certainly not the same experience as a normal FT show......very subdued. I missed the energy. But it was cool to do something different.

    A few of the new arrangements totally changed the song, notably Ballad of Me and My Friends, which I sorta hated.

    He was smart to play the new songs separately, in their own set. I just don't see most of them ever really fitting in with his other stuff. I do enjoy Lioness and Sister Rosetta.

    The Be More Kind songs have grown on me, I hate to admit.

    Looking forward to him coming back and doing a normal punk show soon.
  6. abw123


    He was wise to add Photosynthesis and I Still Believe back into the end of the set (those songs were not getting played at the first shows of the tour) and delete The Lifeboat and a few others. The crowd was ready for some "hits" and energy at the end after 2.5 hours of sitting.

    I didn't love the storytelling part in this case either - he tried to make it a loose "concept show" where the songs showed his chronological progression in relationships - sort of an interesting idea I guess - but pretty poorly executed, and felt heavy handed to me. "At this point my girlfriend was mad at me, here is a song about that! Next up, I fell in love again, here's a song about that!". Just not very well done and not exactly super interesting stories. I have seen him tell better stories at acoustic shows in the past where he wasn't stuck with a concept he was trying to shoehorn in.

    This is nitpicking. It was still highly enjoyable overall. Frank is such a likeable guy on stage.
  7. Donnie Ruth

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    The energy Frank was bringing to his albums was certainly missed with BMK and NML.

    However, his live shows always made up for it. Hearing it being a little bit more subdued kinda stinks.
  8. JimmyIymmiJ

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    I just got back from the St. Pete show, and I thought it was incredible. There was definitely a different energy with it being mostly unplugged/storytellers style as opposed to his typical show, but it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.
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  9. JimmyIymmiJ

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  11. JimmyIymmiJ Dec 13, 2019
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    He posted a link to it on Twitter today. Apparently it’s the version he recorded for Be More Kind.
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    Nice. Thank you for sharing.
  13. lettersandnumbers


    I've been listening to Million Dead again and still think Harmony/No Harmony is one of the best rock albums of the '00s

    It's a shame I can't really take it seriously anymore
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