Frank Turner Didn’t Clear The Armed’s Use of His Music

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    Frank Turner has responded to the new song from The Armed saying he did not clear the use of his music:

    I can see a connect because I demo’d that song with Kurt Ballou once upon a time. Don’t really care about the obvious provocateur stuff (pretty funny really, including pic of @frankcarter23) but not very stoked about recordings getting used like that.

    The band responded to Stereogum:

    In a statement to Stereogum the Armed respond, “It saddens us to hear that he’s upset about the song. We’ve been big fans of Gallows for a long time.” (Frank Turner wasn’t in Gallows; Frank Carter was.)

  2. KyleK

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    What a ridiculous mistake to make in your public comment (that wasn't even an apology).
  3. BradBradley


    Maybe I’m misreading it, but I kind of interpreted that as a dig at Frank Turner as opposed to actually making a mistake.
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  4. benschuyler

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    Definitely believe it was intentional.
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  5. Dan


    That's this band's shtick. They create controversy like this to manufacture a reputation of being "REAL PUNK". They and their fans don't believe Frank fits that definition, which is laughable.
  6. amorningofsleep

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    Did you really just create this account yesterday to do nothing but complain about this "controversy"?
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  7. flask


    Man I was JUST thinking about Frank Turner this morning for some reason. Haven't given him a listen in like 5 years. Listening to The Armed now.
  8. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Man this fucking clown again. What's laughable is you having to argue about 'being punk' like that isn't something try-hard children and bitter oldheads do.
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  9. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Dude is sadder thank Frank's music is.
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  10. Dan


    I’m not arguing over the true definition of punk. That’s fucking lame and really idgaf if someone thinks Frank Turner qualifies or not. But talking about try hards and such, you’re describing The Armed to the tee. They should focus more on their music and less on their marketing. Have a great weekend ✌
  11. flask


    Dan is Frank Turner
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  12. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    Honestly wouldn't even be surprised...
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