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Frank Ocean Releases ‘Endless’ Visual Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 18, 2016.

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  2. AndrewSoup

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  3. Anthony_

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    Anybody else getting annoyed with this stuff? Like, release the songs or not.
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  4. Anthony Brooks

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  5. SundayDrive555

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    Rolling stone just reported that Boys Dont Cry will separately be released this weekend. Just watched/ listened to all of Endless. It has some nice moments but it's very atmospheric and laid back. I couldn't imagine this actually being the main release.
  6. Anthony_

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    A quick search of the iTunes storefront proves that statement incorrect. "Released on Apple Music" is not the same as "released to the general public."
  7. It's 2016. This is how music is gonna be released from here on out from big artists, it's worth accepting that.
  8. Anthony_

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    Just not a fan of subscription music services. Don't have the data on my phone to use them anywhere but in my home. I honestly envy all of the people who love these streaming services and seem to have endless data on their plans (or endless money to pay for the overages). I still buy music because I can't afford to always be streaming. As a result, when we get these kinds of non-releases, where some people get to listen to the music and others (myself included) don't, it's frustrating.
  9. shouts23

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    He said he had 2 versions when he announced the album last year. This is what he meant a visual version and a "regular" version.
  10. Muzick


    The general public has access to Apple Music.
  11. Anthony_

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    See above.
  12. Another album is pegged to come maybe this weekend.
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  13. shouts23

    Hi, I'm Negan ;)

    saw that. Hope Rolling Stone has the right "sources"
  14. FTank

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    Every streaming service I know of includes offline listening so you don't always have to use data, just download albums you want when you're on WiFi and you're good to go
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  15. Wifi is pretty ubiquitous this day, is it not around you? Offline access is great too.
  16. Anthony_

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    Not in my car, no. You have wifi in your car?
  17. I barely drive at all. But I download a lot of songs for when I do.
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  18. The_Effort

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    Refer to @FTank comment earlier.

    You can save songs on wifi to listen to offline! So, save the albums you'd want on your phone just like a normal iPod, and then you can access them without internet whenever you want!
  19. Supernova

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    It's 9.99 /mo or 4.99 /mo if its a student discount for Spotify or Apple Music. It's possible, but I doubt that is more costly than the music you purchase in a year. Also I haven't paid an overage fee for data in years. I have a data plan with ATT that fits to my lifestyle and I download songs to my phone directly(off spotify) when I know i want to listen to it later so I save data. When I don't, I just stream. It's so convenient.
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  20. radiodead


    yes there are plenty of ways to access music outside of your data plan and home wifi with music streaming services.
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  21. DearCory


    That's why you make them available offline. It downloads the songs to your phone so you aren't using any data when listening to them. Your phone could be in airplane mode, while riding the subway and the song will play just like it always does.
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  22. somethingwitty


    Can we talk about how the actual music isn't really that good? It's very uhhhhhh...boring? Huge fan of his first 2 releases but this sounds like b-sides and outtakes from the studio. Hoping we get a proper album this weekend.
  23. CMilliken


    I still buy most of my music, but it was really hard to pass up Apple Music and Rdio before that for 5 bucks a month with a student discount. I rarely stream. Right now I'm listening to Bayside's new one, but I downloaded it to my phone so I'm not using my data. Yes these kind of releases are annoying and things will only pivot more towards this kind of thing.
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  24. mattfreaksmeout

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    It's honestly surprising to me how many people don't realize you can download music from most streaming services to use offline. I showed a coworker yesterday, my friends brother the day before, a friend a few weeks ago, and a couple other people. If they did a better job marketing that feature I think people would get more excited. I was really resistant to abandoning the CD model and embracing streaming, but I can never imagine not having Apple Music now. Any music I want is just a few finger taps away. It allows me to listen to so much more than I ever could before, and there is no risk in trying out artists I've never even heard of. Having a streaming service (and buying my favorite albums on vinyl for physical copies) is, in my opinion, the best way to consume music today. Like frank says, the possibilities are endless now.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this this morning. The visual album was interesting but I hope it gets released as a stand alone soon and/or that he really is dropping Boys Don't Cry his weekend.
  25. teebs41

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    It's every easy to make available offline on Apple Music