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Found Wild – “Nothing Gold Can Last”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Found Wild, a new project featuring Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin of Good Old War, have released their debut single “Nothing Gold Can Last” on Spotify and Apple Music. The band will be touring this summer with Anthony Green.

    Most people have an individual journey, a path or a fate. This path intersects along the course of life with that of others, while some continue side by side before splitting into divergent directions. Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin have been running together for some time now. While they’ve lived their individual lives and their paths have indeed diverged at times, they always seem to come back to one another.
    Today their first single as Found Wild, “Nothing Gold Can Last,” is available on all streaming services. Found Wild’s self-titled debut EP will be out later this summer via Memory Music, a label founded by Will Yip in 2015.

    Tim and Keith started their professional music careers in a band called Days Away in the early 00’s, and together formed Good Old War as Days Away folded. A lot happened in the 15 plus years they performed and wrote together. During this period Tim delved deeper into the world of drugs and alcohol, while Keith settled down and had a family. Their bond was stretched to the breaking point when Tim left Good Old War and moved to Atlanta, GA after learning he was going to have a child.

    Eventually, Tim returned to tour with Good Old War after the birth of his daughter, but couldn’t kick the habit. Heroin was getting the better of him, so he committed himself to working through these issues in treatment. At this point it seemed as though their bond may have endured enough, and would finally snap, but still it held. Tim learned how to manage his inner darkness and finally ended his affair with drugs and alcohol. Following a year of treatment and working odd jobs in the south, he came back to Pennsylvania to reunite with Good Old War. He was back, and with him came honesty and clarity. Through it all, their bond had only grown stronger.

    Shortly after Good Old War’s reunion, the two began writing together again, but this time letting Tim’s voice take the lead. They had never worked this way before, and it must have been meant to be, as it worked right away almost effortlessly. The idea was to do something simple, something almost pure, something that could carry the words that were seeds growing inside them, to make manifest such a vessel, together. The sapling was dug up deep inside the dirt of the friend’s souls and planted. Like most things growing in the wilderness of the heart, it was very old and was found wild.


  2. bmir14

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    This is great. I appreciated the context/transparency from these guys too. Excited for more.
  3. Ellite25


    Really love this song. I didn’t know Tim was struggling with addiction, but I’m glad to hear he’s doing better now!
  4. Philll


    The way Anthony Green has been talking about this I got the impression he was actually a member of this project. Is that not the case?
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  5. spencpants

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    Sonuvabitch - their NYC date is a date I'm traveling and not yet back. :(
  6. MrAirplane


    so this tour is Anthony Green playing Avalon, Good Old War playing their first album, AND most of Good Old War playing another set as this group? assuming the guys will be Anthony's backing band as well, that's pretty crazy
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  7. maxracer Jun 26, 2018
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    are you going to support the tour
  8. Bartek T.

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    That's a harsh story, pretty transparent right now. I'll surely listen to the album.