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Forever - Close to the Flame (February 14, 2020) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by OhTheWater, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. OhTheWater Jan 10, 2020
    (Last edited: Feb 7, 2020)

    Let it run Supporter

    1. Blur
    2. Make it Happen
    3. Devotion
    4. Diving Blue Bell
    5. Brad
    6. Adonis
    EP coming out Valentines day. First single feat. Just John out now.
  2. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Single rules. Here's some older songs:

  3. OhTheWater

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  4. trevorshmevor

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    These singles are dope. Definitely checking this out tomorrow