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  1. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    I used this recipe. Didn't have a thermometer so had to go with feeling on what constituted "warm but not hot" for the liquids and also don't have a mixer, so had to mix it all by hand. Was afraid I would mess it up but they came out perfect!! (if a tadddd bit denser than I wanted, I think they just needed to cook a little longer).

    Easy White Bread (homemade recipe)

    Then made this tomato soup, though I used 4 cups veggie stock and 4 cups water. Found it a little lacking in flavor at this point, next time I'll make sure I have enough stock on hand even though the recipe calls for water. So I then also grated parmesean cheese into it and added some cayenne pepper cause I wanted a kick to it, definitely helped.

    Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe

    If you have recipe suggestions I'm all ears.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I also don't have a blender, so had to wait for the soup to cool enough so I could blend it in small batches in my nutribullet. Was...really annoying and made a huge mess haha. Wish I had a proper kitchen setup:worried:
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  2. SEANoftheDEAD


    Just got home from a road trip and ate so much incredible food. Heres a pic of one of my faves. Hot chicken with greens and mac n cheese from Hattie B’s in Nashville.
  3. Ken

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    That looks like a good recipe! The only time I've made tomato soup it was a recipe from a restaurant I love:
    Tarbell's Tomato Soup
    You roast roughly chopped tomatoes and unpeeled garlic for an hour until they are charred, then you puree that and then let it rest with basil. Discard the basil and add salt, pepper, and EVOO. I added a little cream to round it out.

    I can't imagine blending that much hot liquid in a nutribullet! I hope you can get a blender (regular or immersion) to make your cooking a lot easier!
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  4. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    That sounds like it'd have a deeper flavor cause you're using fresh tomatoes and roasting them yourself. The recipe I used called for canned tomatoes, which aren't bad if you buy the right brand but I'd be interested to try this method! Thanks Ken.
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  5. BlueEyesBrewing

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    also, you can add bread to the soup before blending to help make it creamy if you don't have any cream on hand or are trying to make a vegan version
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  6. windowbirds

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  7. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    My sister helps with their videos uh oh
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  8. Ken

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    haha i’m sorry! They’re different animals, one is for me, the other is not.
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  9. BlueEyesBrewing

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    I made salmon burgers last night and I think I liked them more than most regular burgers I've had. Will definitely be making them again
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  10. Ken

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    detailz plz
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  11. BlueEyesBrewing

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    Salmon Burgers With Rémoulade and Fennel Slaw Recipe

    Used this as a guideline, and changed things around based on what I had on hand and felt like buying at the store. I didn't feel like making the slaw in this so I just bought a bag of chopped mix that had kale/spinach/carrots/onion and made a simple dressing with lemon juice, olive oil, and s&p
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  12. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Ahh this is great, I happened to buy salmon this weekend and had no idea what to do with it. They're filets with skin but I think it should be fine to just take the skin off and chop them up like that, yeah?
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  13. Ken

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    Wow, that sounds really good!

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  14. K0ta

    wrap yourself in petals for armor.

    Thanks Ken! I'm gonna try these out.
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  15. Ken

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    Nick is the real hero
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  16. BlueEyesBrewing

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    Yeah, I just bought like a scrap end piece and had them take the skin off for me since I'm not good at that.
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  17. marissalg

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    Every day I’ve been in Spain so far we’ve eaten a ham sandwich, these fried peppers, and churros with chocolate. It’s insane how cheap good food is here. We’re headed to Barcelona next and i’m gonna go in on some seafood.

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  18. Mr. Serotonin

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    Hopin' to snag a coupla red fish this weekend. Red fish with some spices/lemon/lime on the half shell is so good and so easy. Especially when you catch it, walk up to the house and cook it.

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  20. BlueEyesBrewing

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  21. Texas Flood

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    upload_2019-9-28_12-56-11.jpeg Smoked some wings and legs today. Turned out pretty good.
  22. sean_rugy

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    california burritos are a great great thing
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  23. alina

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    I made scrambled eggs with sour cream today. Good stuff, it’s so fluffy but cooking it was confusing because up until everything set, it looked so gross lol
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  24. Texas Flood Sep 29, 2019
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    Texas Flood

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    My wife took a couple of the chicken legs I did yesterday and made smoked chicken jalapeño corn chowder.
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  25. Ken

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    Game time