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Food • Page 1170

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Timmiluvs, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block

    I even use my wok for most of my tomato sauces lol
  2. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    @SEANoftheDEAD I'm headed to AC this Thursday. Gonna hit Dock's Oyster House happy hour, maybe Bobby Flay Steak, and then going to Philly for Monk's on Friday.
  3. K0ta

    when i feel it, then i feel it too much. Supporter

    Fantastic site. Nami is so detailed with her recipes and really makes it accessible for everyone interested in cooking Japanese food. I've cooked a number of her recipes and am always happy with them.
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  4. oldjersey

    Luigipeppercorn is a hack geek I <3 my cat tho Supporter

    @Ken chick parm this weekend?
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  5. oldjersey

    Luigipeppercorn is a hack geek I <3 my cat tho Supporter

    I had chicken parm sliders on garlic rolls this weekend and I was p happy about it
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  6. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    Gonna be hard to do. I'm in AC Thursday, and Philly Friday.

    This sounds bangin'.
  7. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    Its back
  8. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    I’ve been missing the chick fil a sauce and since I don’t want to drive to the other side of town to get it, I used the Internet.

    I googled for a close resemblance to it and I got this Walmart generic brand sauce. Me and my siblings all made some nuggets and tried it. It was a pretty good plan b if we don’t have any sauce packets.
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  9. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I was posting about that in A1 recently! It’s very similar, I’m into it
  10. SEANoftheDEAD


    that Father's Office burger looks absolutely incredible
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  11. Kiana

    God-uncle Charlie! Prestigious

    You guys I'm at Denny's and I walk in and they're playing Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees and now it's the Shins! When did Denny's turn into wannabe hipster me circa 2008?
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  12. angrycandy

    I will always be nicer to the cat than I am to you Prestigious

  13. K0ta

    when i feel it, then i feel it too much. Supporter


    Now that's a fuggin sandwich
  14. Kiana

    God-uncle Charlie! Prestigious

    I ate this. It was good. My first love fry sauce included.

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  15. Jams


    A local ice cream shop had free ice cream today!! Idc that it's cold outside, I will never turn down free ice cream. Got salted caramel truffle and it was reallllly good. Then I finished my nephew's ice cream and half way through remembered he just had strep throat so I'm prob gonna get it now with my luck X-(
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  16. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    I went to this sushi place yesterday with my friends and they had over 120 different types of sushi rolls.

    The wild part was they made up the names so one second I be looking at the Marilyn Monroe one and the next I be looking at the 9/11 one.

    Yup I said that it’s straight up called the 9/11 sushi roll.
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  17. dadbolt

    is it easy to keep so quiet? Supporter

    you’ll never forget it
  18. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    I ate so much good food this weekend. I don't even know where to begin. I didn't really cook all week and I think I'm making a frozen pizza tonight :thumbup:
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  19. SEANoftheDEAD


    A synopsis is expected. Come on, Ken :crylaugh:
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  20. Arry

    it was all a dream Supporter

    pizza experiment pics from my instagram this past weekend


    bonus vegan pie

    the crust didn't poof up so i think i might of stretched it too thin... but it tasted great and handled great. the bottom didn't get enough char so i might increase my oven preheat to 550 as opposed to 500. preheating at 500 for an hour is sketchy to me (i'm scared the oven is going to explode at high heats for a long time lol) so i might just bite the bullet and do it for the sake of pizza. the baking steel is awesome tho, we wanna try to make baguettes and other breads on it
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  21. Joe

    @josephh513 Supporter

    Both those pizzas look bomb
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  22. SEANoftheDEAD


    This is awesome! I've experimented with making pizzas in my regular oven too. I preheated my stone for 500 for an hour - I watched some videos before trying to make it and this seemed like the consensus.

    After some trial and error I usually just pre heat the stone for about 20 mins and that works for me. It's a ton of fun making pizzas yourself though. It's definitely a process but the payoff is worth it.
  23. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    On Thursday I went to The Continental for a Mexico City Mule (tequila, ginger beer, lime, cilantro, jalapeno) and tuna tartare potato skins which are absurdly good.

    Then we hit Dock's Oyster House. Had two really good martinis, one with Hendricks and blue cheese olives, and the other with Plymouth and a twist. I had a half dozen raw oysters which were extremely fresh and well shucked. Then I split a crab cocktail.. if there's a level above jumbo lump, that's how big these pieces of crab were. Finally we had some oysters parmesan. I was really hesitant about those, but they were so fucking good. Oysters breaded and deep fried, covered in marinara and mozzarella. The bartender we had was also really into music and we talked about Thursday and some other bands towards the end of our time there.

    Finally, we ended the day at Bobby Flay Steak. I had surf & turf skewers (filet mignon, lobster tail, horseradish honey mustard, and mint) along with some parmesan rosemary fries. I think I had a bluecoat & tonic, and a glass of pinot noir. I really wanted to order a bottle of the Au Bon Climat Pinor Noir, which is somehow only $58 there, but I would have been tanked if I drank a whole bottle of wine with dinner. I got tanked anyway and I lost a sh*t-ton of money.

    The next day we hit Ruby Tuesday's on the AC Expressway despite my protests. The salad bar was wilted and that broccoli cheddar soup... I wouldn't feed that to my dog.

    For dinner we went to Monk's which was fantastic as always. Probably the best beer selection in Philly and definitely the best fries that I've had in Philly. I had a medium rare burger with gruyere, sauteed mushrooms, and bacon. I drank a Pliny the Elder, Tired Hands Animystic, and an Allagash White. As I've said before, I can't recommend Monk's enough.
  24. SEANoftheDEAD


    Man that sounds like an amazing couple of days. The super lump crab cocktail sounds right up my alley - I need to hit up at least one of those restaurants on my next AC trip. The cocktails all sound pretty great too, especially that Mexico City Mule.

    And you've recommended the Monk before and I actually went there to get food before a show at the Kimmel Center....but....the wait was too long and I didn't have enough time! I'm in Philly often enough though that I will 1000000% stop in sometime. I've checked out their beer list and it's ridiculous in the best possible way.

    My favorite line in your post - "I really wanted to order a bottle of the Au Bon Climat Pinor Noir, which is somehow only $58 there, but I would have been tanked if I drank a whole bottle of wine with dinner. I got tanked anyway and I lost a sh*t-ton of money." That about sums up every experience I have when going to AC haha
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  25. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    You need to get to Monk's early. We got there at 4 and got some of the last seats in the restaurant. It was completely packed the entire time we were there. If you're into mussels, they have really good ones too.

    I should have done better. I went up $250 in roulette and up $350 in poker/blackjack... stayed until 4 and kept drinking and lost it all really fast. Last time I walked away with about a grand in my pocket, so I guess I'm still ahead? haha
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