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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Timmiluvs, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Arry

    it was all a dream Supporter

    Wait what

    i think i need this pretzel crust
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  2. ChiliTacos

    Trusted Prestigious

    i'm a pretty big hater of the C's, but the extramostbestest pepperoni is a pretty solid value proposition at $6.
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  3. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    I bought a $5 pizza and a $6 pizza to show my family and they never realized how big of a difference that $1 is.

    The order is always two $6 pizzas and some crazy bread.
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  4. jmitch0906

    Quorn Supporter

    Little Caesars still does deep dish right? That was a solid fast chain pizza
  5. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I don’t really care for little Caesar’s regular pizza but their pretzel crust is >>>

    But I don’t rly like marinara anyway so nacho cheese is a welcome replacement. That and the salt are *chefs kiss*
  6. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    Extra most bestest is good.

    Deep dish pizza is decent.

    Five meat treat pizza is great.

    Pretzel crust pizza is good.

    Little Cesar’s killing the game.
  7. riotspray


    Little Ceasars regular pizza is garbage, but the deep dish and the pretzel are both legit
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  8. riotspray


    Now I've got "We want all the spice" stuck in my head...

    "this spice turnin me on"
  9. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    Steak frites au poivre tonight with some broccolini. I am so ready. I have been awful in the kitchen lately. Time to step it up. :muscle::fries::martini:
  10. ChiliTacos

    Trusted Prestigious

    fuck i want that. what's in the sauce?
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  11. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    It’s a pan sauce with shallots, brandy, beef stock, dijon, and heavy cream. The steaks were crusted on one side with coarsley ground peppercorns.
  12. SEANoftheDEAD


    Staying at Harrah's in Atlantic City tomorrow and looking for a good food rec. Anyone have any recs?
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  13. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    Uh, yes, absolutely, haha.
    Steak - Bobby Flay Steak (Blackened prime rib, surf & turf skewers [these especially], lobster-crab cakes are all fantastic)
    Seafood - Dock's Oyster House (go for happy hour, as soon as they open... there will probably be a line out front. Interior is incredible, someone is typically playing the piano, martinis are fantastic and the seafood is as fresh as it gets)
    Cocktails/Appetizers/Lunch - The Continental (Pier at Caesar's... get the tuna tartare potato skins as they are really f*cking good, but the french onion soup dumplings are good too. Try one of their cocktails. I really like the Mexico City Mule.)
    Lunch/Late night food/If you're on the boardwalk - Bill's Souvlaki (get the gyro!! the best I've had)
    Buddakan is also a great choice for dinner.

    Gordon Ramsay's Pub is really, really hit or miss, so I would probably avoid it for dinner.
  14. SEANoftheDEAD


    Should have known you'd have awesome recs!

    Unfortunately I'm missing regular happy hour tomorrow, won't be there til around 7. Glad you mentioned avoiding Ramsay's - was thinking about it.

    Dock's sounds amazing, if its not insane might have to check that out. I'm going to look into Buddakan as well.

    My wife wants to hit some of the outlets on Friday but sounds like I'm dragging her to the boardwalk. I NEED that gyro.
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  15. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    Dock's is still worth checking out, but there might be a wait. If there's just two of you, you should be able to squeeze into the bar, which I actually prefer over sitting at a table.

    Let me know what you do!

    By the way, I'm headed to Dogfish Head for lunch tomorrow! It's time for our annual weekend in Bethany Beach/Rehoboth. We might go to Chesapeake and Maine our last day, but I'm not certain.
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  16. SEANoftheDEAD


    Just looked at their menu and it looks amazing. I will try my best to get over there depending on where the night takes us haha.

    Ahh that's awesome! If you have the time and are looking for a good beer check out Big Oyster. Not too far from the main strip where Dogfish is. They've got some great happy hours specials - great for the wallet and getting a buzz
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  17. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    one last thing--if you like crab cocktails, get the one at dock's. (and a martini with blue cheese olives haha)

    I'll be sure to keep Big Oyster in mind. We might want to grab an extra beer after our lunch at Dogfish Head or maybe on Saturday. Anywhere that sells seafood (and beer) is up my ally.
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  18. SEANoftheDEAD


    Sounds amazing. And yeah man if you have the time after lunch tomorrow, it's worth checking out. Have fun!
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  19. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

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  20. SEANoftheDEAD


    Had a blast. Wasn't able to try any of dinner spots you recommended, ran late and got there at 8 so had to settle for burgers and happy hour specials haha. Did snag a gyro at Bill's the next day for lunch though. Was amazing! Already thinking about next time I'm going so I can get another lol.

    How was your trip?
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  21. Zip It Chris

    That berg attacked us, war on the arctic! Supporter

    Finally figured out a sauce I like for my Asian condiment obsession...I marinated some shrimp in Soy, Sesame oil and cornstarch and deep fried em in oil. Tossed em in the following sauce combo that I've been working on for a while.

    I don't typically measure, but here's my best estimate:

    Equal parts Rice Vinegar and Soy
    tbsp of Hoisin Sauce (like a Chinese BBQ sauce, I used the garlic one)
    Chicken Broth - couple tbsp
    Chili Sauce - as much as you want
    Sugar - tbsp
    Corn Starch - half tbsp. just as a thickener

    I threw a couple dried red chiles in the sauce as it cooked as well as garlic and ginger. Turned out perfect.
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  22. Ken Feb 11, 2019
    (Last edited: Feb 11, 2019)

    Entrusted Supporter

    We had a great time. Dogfish Head was amazing. Had a pulled pork sandwich and a "Covered in Nuggs" on draft. I had part of a beer I've never heard of before, but the keg kicked, and now I can't remember the name. We went to Henlopen City Oyster House for dinner the one day and it was incredible, as always. Had some Virginia Salts & Kumamotos, old bay steamed shrimp, steamed clams with spicy garlic butter, and an absurd amount of fried clam strips. Martinis with blue cheese olives too. Then we went up the street to the Blue Hen, which I had been to once before and really enjoyed it, but this time... it just wasn't very good. We had deviled eggs with curry & lobster, they were dry and the lobster seemed old. We also had a charcuterie plate with Iberico and a semi-soft French cheese, but those weren't very impressive either. The cider they had on draft wasn't very good. We also checked out 45th street Taphouse in Ocean City, but wouldn't go out of our way to go back there. Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, etc. are all so much nicer than the Maryland beaches, we considered staying in Ocean City for something different this year, but I'm really glad we didn't.

    I'm glad you really enjoyed Bill's! The place is a total dive, but the gyros are so good.
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  23. SEANoftheDEAD


    Sounds like a great trip! One thing I love about Dogfish is all of the pub exclusive beers they have. So many fantastic ones - but I always forget their names too haha. I really really really need to try the Oyster House. Sounds like seafood heaven. Funny you mention 45th street taphouse. My parents own a condo in OC on 47th street. I've eaten at the taphouse once, but its nothing special. But I do go over there to the outside tiki bar they have for happy hour drinks in the summer which is awesome. Definitely agree that DE beaches are waaay better than OC though. I feel like though all beaches cater towards tourists, OC feels like that's all they cater towards. Plus the food scene in the DE beaches absolutely kills OCs.
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  24. Ken

    Entrusted Supporter

    Ocean City reminded me of the Jersey Shore and not in a good way haha. Rehoboth has some of that, but its food and beer scene is so good that I can look past all the Candy Kitchens and t-shirt shops.
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  25. BlueEyesBrewing

    Trusted Supporter

    You should use Untappd and check-in all those beers!
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