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  1. Kiana

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    I'm trying to Google the places with the best fries in Salem and it's all like five guys and Nancy Jos burgers and like yeah they're natural and give u a lot and they're fine but the best??? Eh.
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  5. Kiana Dec 19, 2018
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    Lol the best .I always picture that whole scene being what Taylor was like after she was outed by Kim

    Apparently Nancy Jos has the best burgers tho! I wouldn't know cause I have to get the grilled cheese or beyond burger but it does have me curious!
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  9. The Lucky Moose

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    The answer is always the same: either deduction or, more often, starvation
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    It’s the foods that kill you unless you prepare them properly that fascinate me.
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    Like, fuckin fugu. How many people had to die before they got it right? Lol
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    chicken fascinates me
    imagine those motherfuckers waddling around with their feathers and some caveman seeing one and saying me want eat, let me rip off those feathers
  14. coleslawed

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    I’m sure he tried a few feathered wings before he got his recipe right.
  15. Dog with a Blog

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    Not a great picture, but I make a damn good omelette. 4 eggs, a lil bit of almond milk, chopped bell peppers, sweet & hot jalapeños, chicken jalapeño sausage, smoked Gouda cheese, and a dash of salsa on top (not pictured). Was very

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  16. Lex

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    Smoked gouda is seriously the bomb. I know quite a few people who don't like it and I just don't understand. I have to try it in an omelet sometime, never thought of doing that!
    My favorite cheese I've ever had in an omelet is probably feta though.
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  17. angrycandy

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    Gouda is the best
  18. Dog with a Blog

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    There is this awesome macaroni and cheese place in Oakland that makes sriracha mac with gouda and bread crumbs....

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    I am listening
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    Homeroom, if you ever find yourself in Oakland
  21. Ken Dec 26, 2018
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    For those of you who reverse-sear your steaks. Do you rest your steak before the sear or after? there seems to be a good amount of debate about this online. I'm cooking strip steaks on NYE and I'm trying to determine what the best way to cook them is (that will be easiest on me), given that I'll basically be the only one in the kitchen. I'm leaning towards the reverse sear... but there might be some timing issues with when the roasting part is done and when I need to sear them, although I suppose if I am behind on the roasting, I can always sear them to the right temperature. Any thoughts?
  22. BlueEyesBrewing


    I’ve only ever let things rest for however long it takes to heat up the oven/skillet for searing. And then no rest after other than maybe a couple mins of final prep work before I’m ready to cut. It’s always been my understanding that since it’s such a gradual rise to temp with the reverse sear compared to the hot and fast approach that a rest isn’t needed. Not sure if you’ve read this from my hero, J. Kenji, but here’s his full article on the process. He mentions nothing of resting and serving immediately after searing.

    The Reverse Sear Is the Best Way to Cook a Steak, Period | The Food Lab

    Any chance you could get/borrow a sous vide machine for the night? It would clear up your oven for other roasting and you could just leave the bags in the water until you’re ready to sear.
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