Food Dominance: Put Out of Our Misery/Finals (Seafood v. Mexican Food)

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What is the supreme meal?

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  1. seafood

  2. Mexican food

  1. Shrek

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    Classes may just be starting, but it's already time for finals.

    Please kill me.


    • You will NOT be able to change your vote. You must live with you clicks.
    • You will not be able to see current standings until after you have placed your votes.

    Phase 1: Breakfast (8/9-8/12)
    • 1st - Egg sandwich/breakfast burrito (13 votes/30.2%)
    • 2nd - Waffles (with or without chicken) (8/18.6%)
    • 2nd - Pancakes (8/18.6%)
    • 3rd - French toast (5/11.6%)
    • 4th - Biscuits and gravy (4/9.3%)
    • 5th - Bacon (2/4.7%))
    • 6th - Eggs (omelettes/over easy/sunny side up/scrambled) (1/2.3%)
    • 6th - Pastries/doughnuts (1/2.3%)
    • 6th - Oatmeal/cereal (1/2.3%)
    • 7th - Sausage (NOPE)
    Phase 2: Lunch (8/12-8/15)
    • 1st - submarine/sandwiches (9 votes/33.3%)
    • 2nd - sushi (6/22.2%)
    • 3rd - Mexican (3/11.1%)
    • 3rd - Greek/gyros (3/11.1%)
    • 4th - American fast food (McDonalds/Burger King/Wendys/etc.) (2/7.4%)
    • 4th - pizza/calzones (2/7.4%)
    • 5th - Asian (Chinese/Thai/ramen) (1/3.7%)
    • 5th - Indian (1/3.7%)
    • 6th - salad (NOPE)
    • 6th - soup (NOPE)
    Phase 3: Dinner (8/15-8/18)
    • 1st - Mexican (6 votes/24%)
    • 2nd - seafood (5/20%)
    • 3rd - steak (4/16%)
    • 4th - pasta (3/12%)
    • 5th - burger (1/4%)
    • 5th - meatloaf (1/4%)
    • 5th - Chinese/Thai (1/4%)
    • 6th - TV dinners/frozen foods (NOPE)
    • 6th - turkey (NOPE)
    Bonus Phase: Dessert (8/18-8/20)
    • 1st - cheesecake (5 votes/29.4%)
    • 2nd - ice cream/frozen yogurt (4/23.5%)
    • 3rd - brownies (2/11.8%)
    • 3rd - pie (2/11.8%)
    • 3rd - cake (2/11.8%)
    • 4th - cookies (1/5.9%)
    • 4th - cobbler/crumble (1/5.9%)
    • 5th - candy (NOPE)
    • 5th - pudding (NOPE)
    • 5th - pastries (NOPE)
  2. Shrek

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    The last round was the least active by a mile, so I will be putting these into hiatus after this. Will return in coming weeks with drunk food, beverages, cocktails, etc.
  3. Garrett L.

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    Mexican. Fish tacos. Mm.
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  4. Shrek

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    Which is also kind of seafood. Life is a lie.
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  5. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    Seafood. I love Mexican food, but seafood can be Mexican or any other type of cuisine.
  6. Garrett L.

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    You would be hard pressed to find me ever voting against fajitas tbh
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  7. Dirty Sanchez

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  8. Shrek

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  9. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    Hopefully a seafood dinner.
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  10. Shrek

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  11. Joe4th

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    Fajitas are the best
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  12. Ken

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  13. Fucking Dustin

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    Seafood forever but I understand if we lose

    I've had the best Mexican food there is, and the best seafood there is, and know that seafood is king

    But I've also had the most mediocre Mexican food there is, and the most mediocre seafood there is, and know that Mexican food is much easier to enjoy in lesser quality than lesser quality seafood is
  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    If I had to eat only one type of food it would probably be Mexican
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  15. Dog with a Blog

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    I want to vote seafood given the fact that sushi technically falls under that category. However, he did have sushi separate from seafood and for that reason, I'm going Mexican.
  16. LightWithoutHeat

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  17. Shrek

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  18. Shrek

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  19. Ken

    Ken Supporter

  20. SEANoftheDEAD


    Mexican. I can literally eat mexican food every day of my life.
  21. chris

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    Mexican easily
  22. Dog with a Blog

    The Flammable Man Prestigious

    when I was a kid I'd make two pancakes and then put like 4 pieces of sausage, an over easy egg, a slice of cheese, and some syrup between the two pancakes and it was heaven. I should do it again, it's basically a McGriddle but better. not relevant to this conversation at all but I wanted to share.
  23. EmmanuelSCastle


    this is three threads now where no one @'s me i see how it is guys

    seafood can go back to the ocean from whence it came but i guess in a few decades that ocean is coming back to drown us all so it makes no difference huh
  24. Shrek

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    Unless hell freezes over, Mexican food wins
  25. lish

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    How the fuck did seafood get in the finals?

    I'm pissed.

    Also, enchiladas.
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