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    I think before this for me it was Prayers by Bayside that came out recently, but before that it's had to have been years since I've listened to a new song this much.
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    Closet Weather came up on shuffle recently and I was reminded how it's both a timeless jam and would be impossible to release in 2019

    Gospel is still a 10/10 classic
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    Listen to OCL and Gospel yesterday. I always quite liked this band but it really clicked yesterday.
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    This is cool!

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    @Jason Tate know you aren’t a fan of these guys but what do you think of this new track? Very different and awesome.
  6. From what I’ve been told the band is still supportive and friendly with the dude that lied to my face to cover up a sexual assault. So I haven’t listened cause I never liked the music to begin with and I have a hard time with bands that still interact with JJR like he didn’t try and silence me. Probably not the answer you wanted, but it’s the truth.
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    Wow didn’t realize they had ties with him still, fair. Sorry to bring it up Jason.
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    I have a couple of friends who know JJR and it's fucking weird. One of my close friends comes from Chicago and won't hear a bad word about him... At this point I've given up saying anything.
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    Does Fireworks have any musical ties with him still? Sincere question, because TWY broke all business ties with him but the band members are still friendly with him.

    I can see how this is a bit of a gray area, but if some members are friendly with JJR.... is something that should affect how I feel about the band? Nick from TWY has pictures with him on social media still and it's pretty clear they're still cool. Other dudes in the bands may be cool with him as well but just not post about it.

    Is there something I'm missing here? Does "friendly" mean they've condoned his actions? As long as I'm not signing JJR's check by supporting Fireworks or TWY?
  10. Micah511

    A higher lonely power sits at our side

    I follow all their personal social accounts and can’t recall seeing any mention of JJR, at least recently, but none of them are overly active on it anyway. I have no doubt that Fireworks probably took whatever stance TWY did whenever this all came out though, as close as these two bands are.
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  11. incognitojones Supporter

    This is something that’s been bothering me, so I messaged them through bandcamp. I don’t know if I’ll get a response, but their association is at minimum troubling.
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    I have similar reactions with a friend from Chicago as well. He's always like "Dude, JJR is a GREAT guy." and it always leaves me speechless

    How can you be so willfully ignorant of what happened??
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    Only a week or so ago did Dave post an instagram story of him with JJR which showed them being the best of buds.

    To call it troubling is being nice about it.
  14. jordalsh

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    gross, that's yuck for sure
  15. incognitojones Supporter

    Yikes, didn’t know that.

    This cover up really runs deep.
  16. Snoblin Nov 14, 2019
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    So, obviously, I'm invested in Fireworks coming back and being a band because of how much they've meant to me in the past - and could potentially mean to me in the future.

    However, the whole JJR thing keeps me entirely at arms length and will prevent me from enjoying this record to its fullest potential. As things stand, listening to this band, and enjoying their music, imparts a feeling of guilt that I'd rather not deal with.

    It would almost be relieving to listen and dislike the new record.
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  17. OhTheWater

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    They are very much still involved with JJR. He's faced no negative repercussions by any band with power in that scene
  18. SamLevi11

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    He's also in that Keep Flying band. I hate ska.
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  19. karcrashianpanache

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    So he is somehow involved in managing Fireworks or doing anything with the music?
  20. OhTheWater

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    I don’t know that far. I know he promotes them and they’re still boys with him and that’s enough to keep me from listening. Pay attention to which bands they'll take on tour, tho
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    No record label listed for the streaming services either.
  23. slickdtc

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    It has arrived
  24. JaytotheGee

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    Seriously can’t wait for the album announcement and hopefully a Detroit show to end the year out
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    legit got a little emotional about this and YMAEWK. there is at least one other artist that goes by Fireworks and it always shows up in my Spotify mixes and is such a bummer so i almost didn't even listen to this expecting it to be trap music or something