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    this is the first FE ive played on a console. it’s going to be hard to rank for me. but maybe

    three houses (havent finished, but can easily become my favorite)
    fire emblem
    shadow dragon
    heroes of light and shadow
    sacred stones

    if i replayed the bottom 3 my list might change though. it’s been a while.
  2. personalmaps

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    honestly hoping they'll re-do all of them for switch. a remastered POR would be legitimately so cool, especially with updated voice acting since it's...iffy.
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    Would love for them to do it in the Echoes series they seem to have started
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. I have a crush on Manuela idk what that says about me
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    I used to have a list open on my phone of all the lost items but then I just started to cycle through them all with everyone
  8. Matt

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    I cycled through them with everyone until I finally got annoyed and just looked up a list during the last few months of Part 1

    Now the only lost items I have are three for Hilda that the game didn't let me give her
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    If you do it consistently then you should only have a handful of them at any one time, so you don’t have to cycle through a giant list for each person
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    doesn’t come up often but if a unit you’re training already has max motivation that’s a reason to not return the lost item right away.

    don’t overthink the ethics of it i guess just don’t do that in real life
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    I've given up on lost items and I'm even doing auto-instruct now because my units are almost all master classes anyway
  12. Marx&Recreation


    Second time around I’ve learned that making the most out of Explore is way more valuable than battle experience, even the rare red ! battles that pop up. It gives you more options in battles, which makes it easier to fully utilize them, so my team is always way stronger than everyone else anyway
  13. Marx&Recreation


    I’ve decided Claude’s is the One True narrative. Gonna talk about every narrative here

    Dimitri is too shortsighted, focused mostly on revenge and even when he gets over that, his only goal is defeating Ed. His story just ends with a return to the status quo

    Ed is correct to rebel against the church because the pre-timeskip makes clear that (1) the church has a despotic rule over Fódlan, and (2) even with that, there’s still so much internal conflict and secrets that cause untenable tension. Plus the church has isolated Fódlan from the rest of the world. And it’s also secretly ruled by a crazy dragon monster god which not cool. Ed is a materialist revolutionary, and even Claude realizes that what she wants is correct, but she works with the even more reactionary force of Thales &co, who just want to bring on Revelations style end of days shit. By the end of her plot Thales is still a threat — the epilogue makes a weak reference to her “dealing” with them or whatever — and so it’s almost an open acknowledgement that her work wasn’t enough.

    The Church path, like Dimitri’s, is mostly just a desire to return to the status quo. Thales &co are dealt with, but they don’t grasp with the substantive changes needed that sparked Ed’s rebellion in the first place.

    Meanwhile, Claude knows the only way to advance is to move past the church as the ultimate force in Fódlan. He does his homework and uncovers all of the dark shit undergirding the church and all the magic shit and how the current era came into being back when Nemesis was first defeated. And because of his semi-outsider status he never has much of a ideological commitment to it. He’s not shortsighted like Dimitri, and he doesn’t make Ed’s deal with the devil by working with Thales. If this game had a singular narrative, then the Big Bad would be either Nemesis or Rhea or both, and Claude’s narrative acknowledges and deals with the antagonistic aspect of both of those. He’s a Napoleonic figure who permanently enshrines Fódlan’s new Enlightened era free of their feudal beliefs and restrictions
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    @Marx&Recreation how many playthroughs have you finished?

    not reading that. yet.
  15. Jake W

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    Is it too early to say this is one of my favourite games ever
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  16. Matt

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    Post time skip:

    I was able to recruit Lysithea during the Claude battle. It gave me the option to spare her so now she's part of my party! I tried it with Hilda but I did not have the option to spare her and she died, so I jumped back in time and avoided her because I felt bad killing her lol. Does anyone know if you can spare anyone else, or is it based on their Support level?

    Also, I was able to spare Claude while my girlfriend only had the option to kill him. It gave me a bonus scene after the battle which was cool.
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    Almost done with second — first Edelgard’s side then Claude’s — but after the first play through I read through them all / watched the clips and stuff lol
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    I'm def doing Black Eagle house next
  19. Matt

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    i keep singing Black Beatles but changing it to Black Eagles
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    my boyfriend who works from home all day and plays in between his product delivery deadlines is going to beat the game before me and i'm so upset.
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    Starting this tonight finally!!
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    are stat growths dictated by the character or class? i just recently recruited dorothea and she has the option to be a thief which is something id like to have in my team but her magic is obviously higher than her attack, is it a waste to make her a thief? or will she overcompensate by training as the class?
  24. Marx&Recreation


    I believe each character inherently leans towards specific stats, but whatever class the character is can impact that. So yes and no lol. Like, being some kind of tank probably helps your defense stat grow faster than if you were an archer, but all things being equal, Raphael is naturally going to develop defense stat growth faster than Ignatz no matter what

    I usually look less at stats and more at which skills the character excels at. So since Claude gets more Bow exp per lesson than axe or whatever, that’s basically the game telling me that Bow classes are likely more tailored towards his own stat proficiencies

    But in the end I imagine you can make pretty much anyone whatever you want, given that you’re diligent enough about how you train them. It just may take more work

    And if you don’t have someone like Felix or Shamir who works best as a Thief, then making sure someone is would be a good investment no matter what. The lockpicking skill alone is really useful in certain battles
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    Huh this game sort of just ends haha