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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DesolateEarth, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. DesolateEarth


    I looked around and couldn't find a Filter thread. Excited to hear the new album. "Take Me To Heaven" was kind of a letdown but "Mother E" and "Nothing In My Hands" have me really hyped to hear the whole thing. What do you all think?
  2. DesolateEarth


    Bumping my filter thread like a year and a half later.

    Title Of Record is amazing and "Take A Picture" through "I'm Not The Only One" is one of the the best 5 song runs in all of music I would argue. Every song in that section is a masterpiece imo.
  3. Kingjohn_654

    Longtime Sunshine Prestigious

    Filter?! I hardly know her!
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  4. Kingjohn_654

    Longtime Sunshine Prestigious

    Never heard of these guys. RIYL?
  5. DesolateEarth


    They are basically an alternative/hard rock band with industrial influence. Here is their most famous song which you have probably heard at some point.

  6. cherrywaves


    "Take a Picture" is a pleasant song, which makes it all that much funnier that it's about him getting kicked off an airplane for getting tanked.

    I loved "Cancer" from an old Warner cassette sampler I had in middle school
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  7. DesolateEarth


    Title Of Record is getting reissued on August 9th on both CD and vinyl with four bonus songs. Already preordered both. So excited!
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  8. Crisp X

    Don't stop looking at me Supporter

    Got into this band hard last year, around the same time Underoath released Erase Me. They have to be one of Spencer's primary influences both vocally and instrumentally (especially on Sleepwave's stuff) right? Love the blend of dark tinged alt rock, and industrial music.

    I'll never forget how blown away I was the first time Where Do We Go From Here's chorus came on. Richard has got some pipes.

    And now I got this one in my head thanks to this thread.

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  9. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    Been a Filter fan since the “Short Bus” day’s. I can’t believe “Title of Record” is about to turn 20 next month. I remember it coming out right around my 16th birthday haha. I still listen to their newer stuff as well, it’s hit or miss but overall it’s enough for me to comfortably consider myself an actual fan of Filter’s.

    Also I’ve always loved the fact that the singer (Richard Patrick) is actor Robert Patrick’s kid brother
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  10. DesolateEarth


    Short Bus through The Amalgamut was a great run. Title Of Record is among my top 10 favorite albums ever. Suffice to say early filter means a lot to me.

    After The Amalgamut, they definitely got more hit or miss for me as well. That said, there are songs on practically every release of theirs that I love. Richard Patrick knows how to write a powerful, massive chorus and kills it more often than not.