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    There was NOTHING.

    I looked around and couldn't find a Filter thread. Excited to hear the new album. "Take Me To Heaven" was kind of a letdown but "Mother E" and "Nothing In My Hands" have me really hyped to hear the whole thing. What do you all think?
  2. DesolateEarth

    There was NOTHING.

    Bumping my filter thread like a year and a half later.

    Title Of Record is amazing and "Take A Picture" through "I'm Not The Only One" is one of the the best 5 song runs in all of music I would argue. Every song in that section is a masterpiece imo.
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    Filter?! I hardly know her!
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    Never heard of these guys. RIYL?
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    There was NOTHING.

    They are basically an alternative/hard rock band with industrial influence. Here is their most famous song which you have probably heard at some point.

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    "Take a Picture" is a pleasant song, which makes it all that much funnier that it's about him getting kicked off an airplane for getting tanked.

    I loved "Cancer" from an old Warner cassette sampler I had in middle school
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