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Fenne Lily - On Hold (April 6, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by trevorshmevor, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. A recent discovery for me — totally flew under my radar but was very surprised to not see a thread for it here! Many haunting elements reminiscent of Daughter, and glimpses of Phoebe Bridgers or Lucy Dacus in its most traditional indie rock moments.


  2. Christmas cover up on stremaing services!

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  3. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Nice I’m gonna add this to my Christmas playlist

    I love “For A While”, and the rest of this is pretty solid too
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  4. For A While is gorgeous and definitely a favorite of mine too!
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  5. sean_rugy

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    wow this is good. glad you posted in the Lucy Dacus thread! “What’s Good” is heartbeaking.
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  6. Seems like she’s got something new in the works per her Instagram story. Sounds reeeeal nice
  7. Signed to Dead Oceans, and a new single!

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  9. These new songs are soooo good, she’s definitely on a new level. Hopefully we’re not too far from an album announcement
  10. I'm surprised that the new single didn't come with an album announcement since the announce-the-album-with-the-second-single rollout is so common these days. Looking forward to hearing that thing.
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  11. Yeah I agree! When I saw this on Spotify this morning, I went to her Instagram assuming to see an album announcement post, but nothing. Part of me wonders if Dead Oceans has pushed back the announcement a bit in hopes she can still get some touring in before the album comes out. She’d have currently been out with Lucy Dacus
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  12. Leftandleaving

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    Like these new songs a lot
  14. New album September 18th and apparently a Dublin show September 26th? Hope that goes ahead as I will DEFINITELY attend if so!
  15. ItsAndrew

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