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Feature Requests / Ideas Idea • Page 32

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Melody Bot, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Still one of my favorite things I've ever added to a website.
  2. I’m legit impressed by it. Idk how you thought of it but wow. Needs to be system wide for iOS somehow
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  3. I try to do that in other apps/sites literally every day.
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  4. I’d love the option to “mute” a thread for a week or so. My bookmark goes to the “unread followed threads” page but the Halloween (film) thread is blowing up. I’m super excited to see it tonight and I wanna avoid spoilers but I also get super excited when I see it’s got a new post. I’m good about not reading it but I like to keep up and participate in those threads so I wanna be able to “keep” my place in the unread queue if that makes sense. I expect this would be useful for anticipated albums or films too. I just don’t browse the forums enough these days to be able to go back and find a thread I unfollowed
  5. An ignore/mute feature is on my to-do list.
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  6. Would a chorus app be out of the question
  7. It's on the list after 'Ignore Threads' feature gets completed (60% of the way there). I'm hoping I can use the changes I'm making there to add something like that soon after.
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  8. In the inbox dropdown, it would be nice to see who each thread is with at a glance. It's fine if the latest message is from the other user, "Last reply by Jason Tate," but if I sent the last message, it can be difficult to discern who the thread contains.

    Often I'll have a few PM threads with similar subject lines, complicating this further.
  9. The avatar should always be the other member of the conversation. My reasoning for putting "last response" was so you could know quickly if you've responded or not. I'll make a note to see if there's a way to put the username under that or fit it in somewhere.
  10. It looks to me like the avatar is the most recent poster in the conversation.

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  11. Will look into and see about fixing. Good call.
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  12. The Lucky Moose

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    I don't know if its possible to implement or not, but I think it would be nice if we could block people on a thread by thread basis
  13. It's pretty hard for a few reasons, but it is on my list to at least look at the possibility at some point.
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  14. I love the double tap to go down feature however today it got a little annoying when editing my profile. I like to double tap words when editing text to highlight the word and it does that AND scrolls to the bottom. I can type my word then scroll up but still kinda weird. Not sure if it can be turned off when in a typing text field? Not important, just was confused for a minute.
  15. ItsAndrew


    It would be cool to have banners in the sports form under usernames that say what team each user is a fan of, like on Reddit.
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  17. 7/1 every year the O in the “chorus” and “forums” headers should be the smiley logo. ;)
  18. David87

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    edit: wrong thread!
  19. Don’t think I can do anything about that unfortunately.
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  20. David87

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    lol I legit have NO idea how I ended up in this thread. Oops.
  21. angrycandy

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    @Jason Tate can we get a few more slots for the poll thread, possibly?
  22. mercury Sep 21, 2020
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    modern-day offspring fanatic Supporter

    legit not anywhere close to a big deal, but here I go anyways: I find myself wishing for a back to top button on mobile frequently (to get back to the notifications page thru the top burger stack menu!)

    edit: thanks y’all! pretty sure I’ve asked this here before, got the same answer, and still managed to forget :teethsmile:
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  23. On iOS you can tap the top/status bar.
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  24. Tap the clock/the notch on the menu bar on iPhone.
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