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Feature Requests / Ideas Idea • Page 27

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Melody Bot, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. kpatrickwood

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    Glad you're into it! What smaller albums from last decade or so do you think deserve to be re-hyped?
  2. Ben

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    The New Frontiers - Mending

    It was their only album before they broke up. Released in 2007.
  3. kpatrickwood Jun 3, 2016
    (Last edited: Jun 3, 2016)

    Give what you can. Supporter

    Yep... That one is right at the top of my list too. I saw them in a in El Paso, Illinois (still can't figure out why they booked a show there) with Socratic and there were maybe 10 kids there. It was right around the time Mending came out and I remember having to crank my jaw up off the floor when they finished playing Mirrors. They were asking around for a place to stay the night and I remember my heart breaking because I was living in a dorm at the time and couldn't do anything to help. Imagine f they'd stayed together and were 4 records deep right now. I like to think they'd be doing shows with Jason Isbell.

    Also, speaking of Socratic, their self titled record they put out a few years back was excellent. Any time I spin that, it's always one that gets asked about no matter who I'm with. It's another one that I feel like flew under the radar.
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  4. Dirty Sanchez

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    Can there be an option to report users without them making a post?

    I say this, because on the feed, there's a suspicious profile that I see set its webpage to some random french porn website. I assume that this is a bot and I'd like to report haha.
  5. You can message me with it and I'll destroy it.
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  6. Malatesta

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    hey i have some users i think are bots. they're the ones that voted no on the pineapple/pizza thread. please purge
  7. FTank

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    Backed 1000%
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  8. Cody Prestigious

    Thinking about getting a couple users here together, starting a group chat, putting the same album on at the same time (either new releases or a classic record), then joking and talking about it in real time, then I edit down the transcript, make it look kind of track-by-track, and it reads almost like an oral history but works as a review/discussion of the album as well. So it's a roundtable type thingy with the laidback feel of an AIM conversation or something. A little throwback-y, but very digestible, I think. @Jason Tate thoughts? dumb or cool?
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  9. I'd read it.
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  10. kidwithhelmet


    Lost my Supporter badge (plan on renewing soon) so I've been forced to party with the white theme rather than dark mode for the past few days.

    Suggestion: Make the portion at the bottom of the post that shows who "liked" it a little bit darker. It's currently a light shade of gray that's almost invisible on the white backdrop.
  11. FTank

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    You should still be able to use dark mode even if your subscription expires. It still worked for me when my trial expired before, anyway.

    Edit: of course, do still renew, but I think you can use dark mode in the meantime.
  12. kidwithhelmet


    Yeah, in my preferences I don't have the option to toggle Dark Mode on even.

    Now that I think about it, I think I lost my Supporter badge a few weeks ago and then just recently Dark Mode went away. Wonder if there is a buffer period, or if it's a manual shut off. Idk.

    Edit: I turned my life around and renewed, and the Dark Mode option came back.
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  13. FTank

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    Huh, weird. no idea
  14. kidwithhelmet


    I edited the post you quoted.

    Appreciate it though.
  15. Dark Mode was made as a perk for supporters, and there is a bug that basically allows someone to keep Dark Mode selected if they've selected it even after their "trial" membership has expired. Some people pointed it out to me and I know about it, but I've been kinda just letting it go because to fix it completely would be an annoying script to write right now.

    However, there was a little error in permissions I needed to fix yesterday, so when I reset those it recalculated who is allowed to "select" or use Dark Mode, so the trial membership bug was basically "fixed" ... I may need to run that fix again in the future, but it'll only be every 3-4 months at most. Obviously, I still would love everyone to be long time supporters to grab the perks on the forums, but I know that's not always possible.
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  16. Cody Prestigious

    So we ended up doing a test one with Dismemberment Plan's Emergency & I. Would you have any interest in checking it out?
  17. Nick

    @fangclubb Prestigious

    would it be possible to spoiler tag images? I posted something about sexual abuse inc. an image of the victim explaining her side but I'm aware it may be distressing for some people and tried to spoiler it but it didn't work. would something like that be possible, even if these are edge cases?
  18. I'll look into it.
  19. T.K. Jul 20, 2016
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    Is there a way to view the desktop version on your mobile? I've tried requesting desktop view but still get the mobile site.
  20. The site is responsive, so it responds to the size of the screen. If you turn the phone sideways you'll get more of the page.
  21. therookielot

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    I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but what about a more expanded section for Musicians? I'm talking sub-boards for individual instrument discussions/songwriting&recording/lyrics even a seperated board for the Board Member Compilations @bradsonemanband puts together every month?

    I think it'd help people share more of their stuff, and help the community resonate/grow with each other better if we're able to connect on a level of art that this board was rooted in.

    * for visualization purposes, attached is a screenshot for The Blink Boards I'm a mod at

    Attached Files:

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  22. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    On one hand, I think that's a great idea! There's a lot of threads here of musicians and artists sharing their work for people to check out/review/etc.

    But in terms of the compilations specifically, I think they'd get more views when it's in that general Music forum. Putting it into a Musicians Only kind of thing wouldn't keep fans of the bands we cover in the know as much because why would they go to a Musicians Only part of the site if they aren't musicians themselves, you know? I could be wrong though! I'd definitely be interested in discussing thoughts on that.
  23. I think that's something that may be possible. A "creators" sub-forum could be cool. I know there's a few threads for it so far (prestigious forum has a good one), but something more codified would be nice.
  24. Trent Gill Supporter

    Could there be more use of the "recommendations" tag or category on the main page? I feel like there's a need for more blog-like "recommendations" like when Chorus was @Jason Tate's personal blog.

    I personally prefer recommendations, playlists, and highlights of unknown bands across genres more than news snippets. Basically, when I see a news item about a band I've never heard of, I won't check it out unless there's something more to bring me in. I basically need help narrowing down the new stuff I should check out, and that's what makes me regularly check sites like this one.

    TL;DNR: More use of "recommendations" tag/category would be cool.
  25. Definitely plan to do more with that category. Recommendations •

    But it also is something I want to really feel strongly about recommending, be it a band, app, or product.
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