Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club (May 24, 2019) Album

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  1. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Coming out on Secretly Canadian.


    01. Room Temperature
    02. Right Side Of My Neck
    03. Hurts Me Too
    04. Pigeon
    05. Jonny
    06. Kingston
    07. Come to Atlanta
    08. What Used To Be
    09. Flowers (feat. Father)
    10. Johnny (Reprise)

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  2. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    This is nice, v twangy
  3. Matt Chylak

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    This record should be getting more attention. Perfect summer vibes.
  4. nohandstoholdonto

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    just listened to this for the first time and it completely blew me away.
  5. ItsAndrew