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Fat Mike Collaborating With Travis Barker

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. The Format


    Interested. Didn't Fat Mike not like Blink 182 for a long time?
  3. Just need Brian Baker on guitar and then theres a new trio in town. :ok:
  4. He's made fun of them and has stated they practically ripped off the Decendents and took it to the next level with the money and fame. I don't think he's had anything personal against the Blink guys though. Plus, Fat Mike loves Matt Skiba and Alkaline Trio so much he has the Heart & Skull tattoo next to his Bad Religion tattoo. So, with Skiba in Blink now, I'm not so surprised by this collab with Travis. Really looking forward to it.
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  5. The Format


    Makes sense. I remember Fat Mike saying they were going to get signed to a major label but then they signed Blink 182 instead or something like that. I guess it's water under the bridge now.
  6. Stevangelion

    We Can (Not) Make It Alone.

    Lost all respect for Fat Mike and NOFX when that SxSW incident took place and about the fucked stories he told about the horrible things he has seen and done. I can usually separate the art from the artist but i get physically sick when it comes to NOFX.
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  7. Ska Senanake


    Total water under the fridge! This has me very excited. Fat Mike is a punk rock legend. I still stand by The Decline being the greatest punk / pop-punk song of all time.
  8. Dan O'Neill


    If you ever read their autobiography (I don’t think you’re going to, haha), you might have a different opinion of them. They all come from the same shitty 70’s/80’s LA environment, and I’d say they turned out pretty well considering their surroundings.
  9. marceting


    I think NOFX declined a $1M opening act gig for Blink at one point.
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