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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by angrycandy, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. supernovagirl

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    Bitch I dooooo
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  2. riotspray

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    they are good though. and convenient for when you're on the way to work and need something quick and cheap. They're only $1 each and 2 or 3 of them is pretty filling.
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  3. theagentcoma

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    I fkin love Toaster Strudels
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  4. phaynes12

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    i never got into toaster strudels but i used to annihilate boxes of the toaster scrambles
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  5. riotspray

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    That's what they were called. That's what I was reffering to. Not the sweet ones, the savory ones.
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  6. riotspray

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  8. I had the meatball and pepperoni Papadia today and loved it
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  11. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Her knives are out
  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  13. I need those
  14. EASheartsVinyl



    Excuse me.
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  15. BlueEyesBrewing

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    Finally tried the Popeyes chicken sandwich today. It was pretty damn good, but nowhere near the hype. Also was surprised that the spicy was not very spicy at all, the sweet heat sauce had just as much if not more heat to it
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  16. hard disagree there

    it exceeded the hype for me
  17. phaynes12

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    i agree re: spice and disagree re: hype
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  18. Anthony_

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    I’ve never really had anything from a fast food place that I would say has more than a minor heat level so the spicy Popeye’s sandwich not actually being very spicy isn’t a negative for me, personally.
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  19. Anthony_

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    I feel like McDonald’s should sell the McGriddle cakes in orders of two without any meat or egg or anything, just the cakes. Feel like that would sell really well.
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  20. riotspray

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    Nothing "lives up to the hype" of people stabbing each other over a chicken sandwich, but the Popeye's sandwich is god tier as far as fast food chicken sandwiches go.

    Golden Chick just put out a new chicken sandwich that's pretty damn good too.
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  21. yeah, it didn't exceed people getting stabbed hype for me - just ya know non-stabbing hype
  22. Ken

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    i still need to try it. i'm slackin'
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  23. it's magical