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Fantasy Football 2020 Football • Page 83

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by xbrokendownx, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. DrAlanGrant

    Texas Forever

    I’m doing a playoff fantasy. QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE. PPR. I have the 8th pick of out 14. Gonna be fun
  2. stvvvn

    steven Supporter

    might be the play, at worst you just trade one for a stud wr
  3. David87

    Prestigious Prestigious

    My auction league is also a keeper league so always hard to plan out what I want to do there this early, always depends on my keeper prices and what positions I need.

    My other league is a keeper as well but the rules mean most of the studs are there. I almost always make it to the finals or semis in that league so I'm always drafting near the turn. It's a 12 teamer so depending on my keepers I usually find myself going for WRs at that slot. This past year I kept Ekeler and AJ Brown so I think I ended up taking Tyreek Hill and Nick Chubb. Then by the time the 3rd pick came around it was a bunch of stuff I didn't want so I drafted Robert Woods.

    My big money league swithced back to randomized draft order a couple years ago, but we've been randomized towards the back of that draft the last few years too. We've gone WR-WR a lot there but this past year we went RB-WR
  4. Fronnyfron

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  5. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    I’ll be able to keep Gibson in the 10th next season so I’m hoping to go RB, WR, RB next season.

    Okay I gotta stop thinking of next draft lol
  6. stvvvn

    steven Supporter

    this just in, draft a mobile qb
  7. preppyak

    K.O. Rocks! Prestigious

    My league does have one advantage to this strategy...we got rid of the TE slot 2 years ago, so we have 2 flexes instead. Meaning I can start 4WR any week to 2RB. This season, had I gone zero RB, I'd have gotten Gibson and someone like Henderson, picked up Robinson on undrafted waivers, probably held Bernard and/or Mattison as hope. Taking the top WR taken after me in each of the first 5 rounds, I'd have Davante Adams, Deandre Hopkins, Mike Evans, AJ Brown, and DK Metcalf. Dont even need to start a RB most weeks with that.

    Getting rid of D/ST but keeping TE's seems...backwards. I'd say the order of "positions with the worst depth and/or shittiest luck" go TE, K, then D/ST
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  8. preppyak

    K.O. Rocks! Prestigious

    Yeah, Robust RB sounds like a terrible, terrible strategy, especially since so many teams do committees, injuries pile up, and rookie RBs pop up out of nowhere all the time. Reading this made me hurt for him:

    In August, I was willing to forego guys like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill at the 1/2 turn in order to force the Robust RB strategy. That meant taking players like Kenyan Drake, Miles Sanders, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire over these elite WR1s.

    I believe I pick 10th next year, so Im almost certainly hammering WR/WR in the first 2 rounds. If say a Najee Harris type is there in the 3rd, Id take them, but more likely I dont take a RB til that Round 4 or 5 at best.
  9. preppyak

    K.O. Rocks! Prestigious

    In my other league where I won the consolation playoff and get the #1 pick, I'll absolutely take Kamara or CMC and then take WRs in the Rd 2/3 wraparound
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  10. ncarrab


    I *always* go RBs with my first two picks and usually take a WR in the third round, but I'm not against fucking around and taking a 3rd RB with the 3rd pick either.