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Fantasy Football 2020 Football • Page 47

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by xbrokendownx, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. Full Effect Ed

    ...In F*cking Full Effect Prestigious

    Drafting CE-H first round
    Drafting Kelce + Andrews and not trading Andrews away sooner when he had more value
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  2. preppyak

    K.O. Rocks! Prestigious

    In the league that I am doing well in, I have all 3 of these guys. But, I have them because my team was auto-drafted, so my top 6 picks were Thomas, Kelce, Conner, McLaurin, Fournette, and Hilton...of which Id say Kelce has been the only 100% reliable player. I regularly start 5 of the 17 players I drafted...and my most productive non-QB is James Robinson the undrafted guy...

    In the league Im doing well, my god my drafted RBs were flops

    Cooks, Drake, Akers, Gibson, Michel, Duke Johnson. One reliably every week starter...and Ill be relying on some combo Mostert/Ekeler/Harris down the stretch as guys that teams were forced to drop because of shallow benches and only one IR slot.
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  3. stvvvn

    steven Supporter

    another week without Carson and Mixon it seems :injured: at least I can start Perine over Dobbins this time

  4. Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 2.40.52 PM.png

    My biggest fail is the fact that I was tanking the first two weeks, switched it up, and I'm in playoff seeding as of right now and I'm so behind in points that I can't lose another game or I'm eliminated essentially.

    It's anxiety x10000.
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  5. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    sounds like Bridgewater won't play so I would probably not play DJ Moore this week unless I had to

    who knows what PJ Walker is gonna be
  6. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    I thankfully traded for Mixon last week to use him down the stretch. Ugh. I mean I can get by without him, but it’s just annoying lol
  7. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    I'm 7-3 and going against another 7-3 team this week and he has Wilson, Lockett, and Kirk tonight lol

    I have Hopkins but man I am so ready to be down like 60-10 after tonight :concerned:
  8. morgantayler

    Human Typo Prestigious

    Waiting to find out the status of my team is not going to be fun (Also have Ridley as questionable)

  9. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    Im facing Lockett and also have Hopkins. I’m rooting for ya!!
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  10. tkamB

    God of Wine Prestigious

    Truly torn if I should start Hyde or Rojo
  11. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    with Garrett out for Sunday, how we feeling about the Cleveland D this week? I also have Indy D in one league but they play the Packers so
  12. ncarrab


    Not good. At all.
  13. ncarrab


    Probably gonna still roll with CLE though because only options on wire are ass...

  14. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    he isn't eligible for TE slot at Yahoo, damn

    on ESPN he is
  15. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    Welp I was gotta start Winston ... ugh.
  16. GrantCloud

    cool shit Prestigious

    lmao now I’m scared to start MT.
  17. RJ Knorr

    Regular Supporter

    I dropped the Browns for the Chargers :shrug:

    Since ESPN has Taysom listed as TE, QB I went ahead and picked him up and plugged him in at TE
  18. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    I ... might ... start ... Hill.

    I traded for J Allen so I didn’t anticipate his bye week. I was going to start Winston, but now that’s a dud. Other options:

    Wentz (meh ... he has sucked)
    Carr against KC
    Stafford (hurt)
    Bridgewater (hurt)
  19. ncarrab


    I just SPRINTED to the waiver wire in Yahoo to see if he had TE designation, but he does not.

    Damn, that would have been wild.
  20. ncarrab


    I'm thinking of picking him up and starting him over Tannehill in my two QB league. Just...because.
  21. MyBestFiend

    Trust The Process Supporter

    Hill is worth starting as a TE in any league but he's probably not a great option at QB unless it's a deep league

    I chose Kirk Cousins over Hill as my Josh Allen bye week replacement
  22. shea

    Tonight I'm coming home. Supporter

    so as long as he remains eligible at both positions whatever points he scores at QB will be the same if you put him at TE, right? essentially 2 QBs?
  23. David87

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Yeah I got him in yahoo and espn and it sucks he’s not TE eligible on yahoo.

    ....Should I start him over Ryan Tannehill I think I should I feel like he’s gonna run a bunch haha
  24. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    ESPN said that they will leave him eligible for TE this week but will re-evaluate after that going forward
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  25. Donnie Ruth

    Trusted Supporter

    I don’t think I’ve ever had more indecision in my fantasy life than I do this week with the QB position lol.

    Like Hill is gonna dump off to Kamara (who I own) or rush every other play. It’s super intriguing.