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  1. Groogz

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    I'm so afraid of the risk when it comes to this stuff that I personally may not draft him yet. That being said, I heard that the reported offer would make him the second highest paid RB in the league. Can't see why he'd pass that up, unless the guaranteed money isn't good.
  2. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Pretty sure I botched my auction league (8 team) by waiting too long to do anything, but this team is also stupid deep at RB:

    QB: Mayfield, Luck
    RB: Kerryon, Fournette, Carson, Jacobs, Lindsay, Guice, Ekeler
    WR: Evans, Allen, Kupp, Robinson
    TE: Ebron
    D: Bears
    K: Butker
  3. SEANoftheDEAD


    Depending on where I pick...especially if its the back half of the first round and Zeke's still there, it's going to be super hard not to pull the trigger and draft him.
  4. preppyak

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    I think you take him and then draft Pollard super late in the draft. There is no RB Id want in the first round over him, even at that risk.

    At pick 5, if the top 3 RB and Hopkins are gone, I'd take him. If I'm pick 4, I might take Hopkins and then target Mixon/Cook/Kerryon/etc on the 2nd/3rd wrap-around
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  5. SEANoftheDEAD


    Yeah man I feel ya on that. Ive been teetering if this is the year I want to start WR/WR and snag some of the great value RBs in the 3rd-5th rounds.

    Obviously Im not just gonna stick to that though. If some value falls to me at RB in the first round...such as Zeke late, then Im pretty sure Im snagging him.
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  6. Donnie Ruth

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    I keep thinking of doing this as well if I got a pick 6-12. I already have Kerryon with my 5th as a keeper so in reality I could go 2 top WR's and grab try to grab 2 of Jones, Freeman, Mack, Jacobs, etc. in that 3rd/4th swing.

    On paper it sounds amazing, but in reality I know it'll be the third and the only RB's left will be Lindsey and Henry.
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    Yeah Im def speaking about 6-12. Honestly if I have the 4th pick though this year and Kam, CMC, Bark are all gone, I might go with Nuk at 4.

    Good luck to everyone drafting this weekend!
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  8. Donnie Ruth

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    It is definitely going to be a very stressful pick if I'm there at 4 (with no Zeke news) or 5 (with Zeke). I cannot decide between Hopkins or Johnson. I like the idea of going elite WR there and using my next few on RB's. You can land Fournette in the 2nd and then a whole collection of high upside RB's in the 3rd.
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    Absolutely. I've seen Fournette going in the third in alot of mocks. My thinking is you can get one of the elite WRs in the first, another elite WR or second tier RB like Chubb/Cook/Mixon in the second, and one of the tier 3 RBs like Fournette/Jones/Freeman in the third.

    I'd be so happy getting any combo of those guys.
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  10. Owlex

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    Dalvin Cook busts an 85 yard TD and gets wrapped in bubble wrap in a box of packing peanuts. You love to see it
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  11. Donnie Ruth

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    I have no idea what to do when he and Fournette are there. It’s like ... roll the dice or go safe WR?
  12. morgantayler

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    Well, my RB depth just got worse than it already was. I’m definitely going to need to make a move now. I picked up Mattison earlier but I’m going to need to trade for someone as well.
  13. preppyak

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    The poor bastards who drafted early and some guy took Luck in the 6th or 7th round...
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  14. Owlex

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    TY Hilton too. RIP
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  15. xbrokendownx

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    12 teams, 0.5 ppr. Picked 5th, kept Kamara round 2

    QB- M. Ryan, J. Allen
    RB- A. Kamara (K), A. Jones, D. Montgomery, R. Penny, P. Barber, J. Jackson, D. Singletary, J. Williams
    WR- D. Hopkins, DJ Moore, M. Gallup, D. Moncrief
    TE- Njoku
    D/ST- New Orleans
    K- J. Elliott

    I dont like my WR depth but I do like my RB depth
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  16. preppyak

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    Yeah, you're an extended Gordon holdout or Carson injury away from being able to solve that WR depth issue.
  17. Sup fam, I really didnt do my due diligence this month and have a draft tonight. Anyone have some sleeper WRs and RBs to look for late in draft? I already have an eye on Darwin Thompson for the 10th or 11th. If anyone can help thanks!
  18. Also, does Marlon Mack move down significantly for anyone after Luck leaving? I know Mack was looking like a good third down pass option and idk if that stays that way.
  19. preppyak

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    Yeah, move him and Hilton down quite a bit. Mack had 3.8ypc under the Brissett year, and Hilton saw like 25% less of everything. Their O-line is better now, but, its still gonna be a lot of loaded boxes. Oddly enough, Doyle/Ebron might upgrade. Doyle had 80 catches in 2017...its basically Jacoby's go-to check down.

    But you're going from a QB who had 39TD to one who had 13TD in 2017. And almost half the passing yards.
  20. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    I like Mack fine, depending on how far he falls down boards. That 2017 team had a lot more problems than just the QB. Reich calling plays + a good OL should hopefully minimize that drop off
  21. preppyak

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    His consensus ADP before the news was ~#30...which is definitely way too high now. I suspect he'll drop more into the 50s and there, sure, he makes sense.

    Also, obviously teams change year to year and such, but his schedule for the last 8-9 weeks is basically against all the top run defenses from last year. He might not even be startable by fantasy playoffs if things have gone downhill with Brissett.
  22. Donnie Ruth Aug 25, 2019
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    Donnie Ruth

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    I also started this note a month ago. Paris Campbell is probably not someone I’d draft at this point.

    Also in the 7th-12th rounds look out for Geronimo Allison, Westbrook, Coutee, James Washington/Moncrief as some high upside WR flyers.
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  23. broken22


    Josh Gordon is pretty interesting, I'd imagine with Gronk gone that he should put up good numbers ?
  24. EntryLevelDave

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    Big risk though
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  25. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    @EntryLevelDave who is your favorite Patriot pass catcher for fantasy not named Edelman?