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  1. Donnie Ruth

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    Probably the safest bet. Adams doesn’t sound “exciting” but he is arguably the most consistent WR. Wasn’t it something crazy he never scored less than 16 points last season?
  2. chcougar1


    Something like that. He, Hopkins, and Thomas are all awesome.
  3. Randall Mentzos

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    I’m sorry why are people still so high on David Johnson after last year? Worrying about durability with Hopkins but not worrying that DJ’s ACL tear robbed him of his prime? That’s backwards imo.

    No way in hell do I take DJ over one of the elite tier receivers in a PPR. We are also forgetting that Arizona still drafted no O line... has a radical coach who wants to do a college offense when he wasn’t even a winning coach in college... and that offense plus a rookie QB could still be quite dysfunctional.

    DJ at pick 5 or 6 is an absurd reach based on nostalgia for how he entered the league imo. If we are taking into account the fact that he hasn’t had that kind of production in over 2 years, and the fact that Arizona’s offense is a huge question mark with no OL... he’s really more of a second round RB.
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  4. Donnie Ruth

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    This is totally justified. I’m also confused why all experts have him so fucking high ... I hope he returns to form under the new offense, but no offensive line will only get you so far.

    If I have 4th pick I find myself grabbing Hopkins in mocks (assuming Zeke is out).
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  5. whitenblue88

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    I don’t like that their OL is bad, but an Air Raid offense in theory means more receptions out of the backfield, and more open boxes. Both of those are a good thing for fantasy. After those top 4 RBs, I don’t think there’s another I’d want over Johnson. Gurley, Bell, Mixon, etc all have their question marks too
  6. preppyak

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    Definitely think Id rather have Mixon. Might even want Bell more since he'll likely be high volume. Nothing about that ARI offense gives me any confidence they are gonna put things together after looking like garbage v Oakland
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  7. Donnie Ruth

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    I think I’ll take Johnson over Bell and Mixon, but I don’t have high confidence in it. Lots of 1st/2nd round players have such uncertainty which makes this year super tough.

    - Johnson (terrible line, new offense, rookie QB)
    - Mixon (bad line, injured line, terrible QB)
    - Bell (older running back, year off from football, new team, lesser team, worse offensive line)
    - Gurley (injury concerns)
    - Fournette (injury history, but better QB)
    - OBJ (new team, much better upgraded QB and offense)
    - Zeke (holdout)
    - Gordon (holdout)
    - Brown (new and lesser team, frostbitten fete)
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  8. Randall Mentzos

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    It also means fewer lead blockers. Even with AZ spreading teams out, I’m gonna go ahead and bet that some teams’ front four alone can still dominate that OL
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  9. preppyak

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    This is a fair point though. I just know that coming out of the same situation last year and missing 2 games, he still outperformed a full 16 from DJ.

    Bell is the fascinating on to me. Im less worried about the missed year than I am whether that offense can do anything. We saw how much a terrible offense limited DJ compared to a solid offense.
  10. Owlex

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    Perhaps I’m biased, but I think Conner will be a pretty safe RB1 this year. Samuels will get work, but I think that’s been blown out of proportion. As has his “injury risk”
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  11. morgantayler

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    I scooped up Josh Gordon to hang onto and see how he does through the first couple of games. Regardless of how he does in fantasy, I really hope he can bounce back.
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  12. Drew Baldy


    As a patriots fan and a decent human being I truly hope Gordon can turn it around. He seems like a good dude that just can’t seem to shake some demons off.
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  13. David87

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    Had my first draft tonight for my big money league team that I co manage. 12 team PPR, we had the 12th pick. The first 3 swings we had to make tough decisions where we had 3-5 guys available to us that we wanted.

    QB-Matt Ryan
    RB-Aaron Jones
    RB-Chris Carson
    WR/TE-Julio Jones
    WR/TE-Michael Thomas
    WR/TE-DJ Moore

    Bench-Miles Sanders
    Bench-Rashaad Penny
    Bench-Marquez Valdes-Scantling
    Bench-Peyton Barber
    Bench-Anthony Miller

    Eagles D/ST

    Not thrilled with our depth at WR but love our starting lineup. Moore wasn’t my first choice but usually in this league we end up with 3 stud WRs and a bunch of dice rolls at RB 2 but this year we came away with two good starting RBs so we’ll take the tradeoff
  14. Donnie Ruth

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    That is a solid team.

    For going WR 1-2, you really lucked out Aaron Jones and Carson were there for taking. That couldn't have worked out more perfectly for you. Jones is my #1 RB target in the 3rd round, and even IF Carson loses that starting job you have Penny. Pairing up Jones and Ryan will be sweet as that should be a high scoring offense.

    If I get a later pick I know going two WR is a smart strategy with Kerryon in the 5th as my keeper, but I know myself lol
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  15. DrAlanGrant

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    Also had my first draft. 14 teams 8th pick

    QB-Jimmy G
    RB-Josh Jacobs
    WR-Keenan Allen
    WR-Dante Pettis
    Flex - David Montgomery

    Bench-Phil Rivers
    Bench-Jerick McKinnon
    Bench-John Brown
    Bench-Corey Davis
    Bench-Marqise Lee

    K-Greg Joseph
    Bills D/ST
  16. xbrokendownx

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    really good RB depth for a 14 teamer

    booty WR depth
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  17. DrAlanGrant

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    But this will be the year Corey Davis breaks out... haha lol kill me.

    Also kind of hoping Lee can be somewhat useful with Foles throwing to him
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  18. morgantayler

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    12 team .5 PPR I realize I did not do enough for RB depth so I'm going to have to try to trade or pick someone up.

    QB - Deshaun Watson
    WR - Adam Thielen
    WR - Mike Williams
    WR - AJ Green
    RB - Saquon Barkley
    RB - James White
    TE - Zach Ertz
    Flex - Lamar Miller
    DEF - Baltimore
    K - Harrison Butker

    Bench - Dante Pettis
    Bench - Jack Doyle
    Bench - Phillip Rivers
    Bench - Justin Jackson
    Bench - Mohamed Sanu
    Bench - Josh Gordon
  19. Donnie Ruth

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    For going TE and QB early, it still looks solid. Going TE and QB early is going to leave you scarce in spots, but I think you did pretty well filling it out compared to how I do in mocks when I go early on QB/TE.

    You have the potential #1 RB this season, potential #1 QB this year, have 1 of 3 good TE's, and still filled out with a WR1, WR2 (with high upside), and a high risk high reward WR in Green, and some good WR depth if Green doesn't work out. The RB depth after Barkley is obviously rough … but play the waiver wire and look for injuries. Justin Jackson is a lovely player if Melvin sits. Miller is so boring but he's a starting RB (for now) on a great offense so it isn't the worst.
  20. Donnie Ruth

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    Also how high is Justice Hill now going in your leagues? Everyone, especially in keeper leagues, want the next Kamara, Conner, etc. There is more attention each year grabbing that sleeper RB and obviously Hill is the clear no brainer this point in the pre-season. I want him but don't want to go too early. My league is super aggressive because of the keeper aspect.
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  21. preppyak

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    The short answer is you dont need either of these guys, and you might be able to parlay Doyle into an upside RB...probably wont get an RB2, but someone that would give you more upside than Lamar Miller as your 3rd RB option.
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  22. morgantayler

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    I really tried to get Ekeler but someone snagged him right before I could. So I think that's when I ended up getting Miller. But yeah I've been hearing that Gordon could definitely sit out half the season so I decided to go for Jackson
    I still relatively new at fantasy so I know my draft strategy isn't the greatest lol. But yeah I'm going to see if I can flip some guys for another RB. If Gordon pans out, I'll have more WRs than I need.
  23. morgantayler

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    Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon are still available in my league. Would either be a good pick up or is McCoy going to get the bulk of the carries in Buffalo?
  24. Donnie Ruth

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    It’s such a crowded, miserable backfield that literally the only person I’d want is Devin Singletary ... and that’s only for keeper purposes.
  25. morgantayler

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    Damn, well I'll just wait for now lol