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    I don’t think there’s any round penalty as far as I know. And I have until like August 26th or something so I’ve got time to decide and see if anything changes. Not a bad team to take over I suppose haha
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    Nothing annoys me more about ESPN's fantasy coverage than the fact that the stories are not in chronological order on either the app or the website. Shit from like 59 days ago will be the 2nd link.
  3. xbrokendownx

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    ended up with the 5th pick in my big draft which is arguably the worst slot to be in this year IMO. I am keeping Kamara with my 2nd rounder (20th overall)

    do I risk taking Zeke if he slides? or do I go for the best WR and then aim for the best RB available with my 29th overall pick?

    0.5 ppr
  4. Donnie Ruth

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    If the draft were tonight I am staying the hell away from Zeke.

    If you have Kamara locked up already, I would probably do Hopkins and hope for the best with RB in the 3rd. Usually in that slot are the likes of Michel, Jacobs, Jones, Kerryon, Freeman. If one of those slide I think that is an awesome start.
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    I think you're in a great spot to build a killer team. Since you already have one of the big 4 RBs locked up, you can snag one of the elite WRs (Hop, Adams, Julio). And just like @Donnie Ruth said, in the third you can snag another good RB - I prefer Jones, Freeman, Kerryon or even see whats left out of the WRs.
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    And yeah if I were drafting any time before the season starts and theres no sign of Zeke coming back, no chance in hell I'd take him.
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    I HATE how my league doesn’t determine the draft order until right before. It stresses me out not knowing where I pick so much.

    It’s only because we do a live draft, and we do the draft order a very silly way: we created all of ourselves in a WWE video game and do a computer simulated royal rumble. First one eliminated gets 12th, and so on.
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    Dude, thats awesome!!!

    We don't find out til right before too. We do a lottery, so whoever comes in last the year before has 10 balls, second to last has 9, all the way down to the champ who has 1. When your ball gets picked, you get to pick the spot you want to draft from. Makes it interesting.

    Do you guys watch the whole rumble?? Thats gotta be so much fun haha
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  9. Donnie Ruth

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    Oh that is also a very good way! The idea of choosing a spot to draft from is interesting. Do people tank when they know they are out to try to get a better draft spot?

    But oh my god yes we all gather around and watch it! It is genuinely so funny and so nerve wracking because it is obviously totally random but you get so invested into your character.
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    Man, I love that idea so much. Seriously sounds like a blast!

    People brought up the idea of tanking 2 years ago when we chose our spots based on where you finished to get a better position. But we changed it to a lottery to help with it. But we also do payouts - $10 to the highest scorer every week during the regular season. So even if you're 3-8, you have a reason to set your line up and at least try to get the high score the last couple of weeks.
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  11. EntryLevelDave

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    I love that rumble idea
  12. DrAlanGrant

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    We get a 30 pack of beer and write 1-12 on the bottom with tape covering it. When you finish a beer you look at the bottom to see if there’s a number, if no number then grab another and keep drinking til you get your number
  13. Donnie Ruth

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    Yeah incentives will definitely assist in that!

    My league still has slight trouble managing tanking in a slightly different way: we allow draft pick trades. So what happens every year is someone who knows they are out will trade away a top player for a draft pick the next season. When we started allowing draft pick trades it got out of hand when one kid ended up with three 2nd round picks one season (HA! he came in last that year … drafted Joseph Randall). That was like 4-5 years back; people now know how much you're FUCKED if you trade any top 4 pick. It isn't as big of an issue now but leads to an internal struggle for me:

    I don't have a 6th round pick this year cause I used it in a trade last year for Ertz. I'm probably keeping Kerryon with my 5th, so that 5th/6th swing is going to be tough because the last of the top QB's (Newton, Wentz, Wilson) seem to go in the 6th. I'm high on top QB's. All experts say wait for the QB, but in my league's history nobody has ever won with a Trubisky. In fact I looked back to 2012 when our current keeper league with the same current 12 began and the winners each year had the following as their QB drafted in the following rounds:

    2012 - Rodgers (round 3)
    2013 - Matt Ryan (round 4)
    2014 - Cam Newton (round 4)
    2015 - Big Ben (round 2)
    2016 - Rodgers (round 3)
    2017 - R. Wilson (round 6)
    2018 - Rodgers (round 3)

    So I'm thinking if Watson or Rodgers or Luck are sitting there in the 4th I might need to jump on it because I don't think Wentz, Newton, or Wilson will still be there in the 7th.
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    This is great too! Someone starting the draft at like 8 beers deep would be fantaaaaastic
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  15. SEANoftheDEAD Aug 13, 2019
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    Thats some good research man. Yeah some leagues value QBs and some leagues have the guys who all wait to double digits. I understand your theory about no one winning with a Trubisky and I'm not trying to throw a wrench in it, but last year I won the championship in my one league. I had Rivers, other guy had Mahomes. (I'm now realizing this point is a little invalid since both were double digit QBs last year), but Rivers finished week 16 with 1 point. Mahomes had 33.

    I usually always wait on QB, but sometimes if one of those elite guys is there and you like him better than some of the other options available, gotta go get your guy.
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  16. Donnie Ruth

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    Funny enough Mahomes lost in the championship in my league as well lol. Anyone that landed him late in drafts or waivers was so lucky. I ALMOST drafted him with the 16th pick … and then big dumb stupid me said "hmmm Stafford is there too, lets do that" and I'll be forever pissed.

    But that is awesome you managed a win with Rivers! I one year rolled with him. Needed 6 points. Gave me 2. I will forever never own him.

    I always just feel better having one of those top guys. Getting 20-30 points consistently but the potential of some 30+ games makes me feel good. I am curious by Lamar Jackson and Kyler this year with that running potential.
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  17. Donnie Ruth

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    In all my mocks I’ve done .... the 3rd pick in the draft is the absolute best so far.
  18. xbrokendownx

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    well yeah, you pick whoever is left between Saquon, CMac, or Kamara
  19. Donnie Ruth

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    Well yeah that’s the obvious, but sometimes and some years I’d prefer 10 or 12 for that double up but honestly I don’t love the end of the first at all. Then at the end of the 2nd I could still land Fournette, and use my early 3rd on another potential stud RB such as Jones, Jacobs, Freeman, etc or even a decent WR.

    Also, I left out I’m speaking from someone with a 5th round keeper. Flows much better for me with an earlier pick.
  20. xbrokendownx

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    btw, if ya'll don't like spending chunks of time mock drafting with people who don't give a shit, this is a great tool:

    2019 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator

    you can do a draft in under 5 minutes and its pretty realistic
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  21. chcougar1


    If you’re picking 6th in a 12 team ppr league would you take David Johnson or Michael Thomas?
  22. chcougar1


    Also, how early is too early to take Kyler Murray. He’s projected in like the 10th but there’s no way he lasts that long. 6 points per passing TD.
  23. SEANoftheDEAD


    I'd take DJ all day.
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  24. SEANoftheDEAD Aug 15, 2019
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    That's tough. He's one of my main QB targets this year because I see he's going around the 10th. His rushing skills combined with his accuracy is going to be a blast to watch...and hopefully reap the benefit of (fantasy wise).
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  25. Donnie Ruth

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    I would take David Johnson, but I also would prefer to take Hopkins over Thomas. I’m imagining you’re assuming Hopkins will go 5th?
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