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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by xbrokendownx, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. xbrokendownx

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    to be honest its kind of meh

    that WR depth is not good

    I do love Fournette/CMAC though

    who was your 3rd round pick....?
  2. Donnie Ruth

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    What round did you keep Kamara with? I have him with my 13th.
  3. xbrokendownx

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    16th round

    it basically changed the entire way I drafted because after I took DJ at 3, I didn't take another RB (Coleman) until round 7 I believe
  4. broken22


    12 teams, .5 PPR. I hate my team btw.
    QB: Matt Stafford, Jared Goff
    RB: Dalvin Cook, Dion Lewis, James White
    WR: Nuk Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edleman, Allen Hurns, Pierre Garcon, Paul Richardson, John Brown
    TE: Zach Ertz, Saferian Jenkins
    D S/T: Eagles
    K: Robbie Gould
  5. xbrokendownx

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    RB depth stinks but everywhere else is pretty good
  6. broken22


    My RB depth is awful, Edleman should replace Garcon as my flex once he's back ?
  7. devenstonow


    Yeah the WR depth sucks. 3rd round pick was Cooks, I'm hoping to do handcuff flip for someone.
  8. Fronnyfron

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    Thoughts? 10 team 0.5 PPR. I had #2 pick

    QB: Luck
    WR: Hilton, D Thomas, Robinson, Goodwin
    RB: Gurley, McCaffrey, Collins, Freeman, Burkhead, J Williams
    TE: Doyle, Kittle
    K: Prater
    D: DEN
  9. xbrokendownx

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    I don't mind it but I would not want to be starting 3 Colts each week
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  10. Donnie Ruth

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    Unreal. I’ve NEVER had this type of a keeper before, and the trend in my league is teams with a late first round keeper win every time.

    So I’m ready to lose in the championship by less than 5 points...for a 3rd time.
  11. 12 teams, 0.5 PPR, Picked 8th

    QB- Luck, Wentz
    RB- S. Barkley, L. McCoy, T.Cohen, M.Mack, C.Anderson (not crazy about him)
    WR- J.Jones, T.Hilton, A. Robinson, S. Watkins, M. Gallup
    TE- D. Walker
    DEF- Denver
    K- Prater

    I'm very happy with it personally, risky but pay off can be huge.
  12. EntryLevelDave

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    Not bad. Don't love all the Colts but oh well.
  13. Yeah, I'm banking on Luck to return to form. Who the hell knows.
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  14. xbrokendownx

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    I like it

    hopefully Wentz returns to form and you can trade one of your QBs for an upgrade somewhere else
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  15. That's definitely the plan.
  16. I'm on dat Marlon Mack hype train tho!!!
  17. David87

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    Just finished up my "main league" auction....I ended up having $17 left over which I"m not happy about, but still somehow happy-ish with my RB's are a complete crapshoot but hopefully one of them emerges to be more than an RB 2/3

    10 team PPR, 6 points for a passing TD

    QB: Tom Brady ($7)
    RB: Chris Carson ($7)
    RB: Lamar Miller ($6)
    WR: Julio Jones ($52)
    WR: Tyreek Hill ($7) (keeper)
    WR: Golden Tate ($26)
    TE: Rob Gronkowski ($25) (keeper)
    W/R/T: Zack Ertz ($10) (keeper)

    K: Matt Prater ($1)
    D/ST: Houston ($1)

    Bench: Phillip Rivers ($2)
    Bench: Adrian Peterson ($7)
    Bench: Jamaal Williams ($2) (Keeper)
    Bench: Aaron Jones ($5)
    Bench: Dion Lewis ($6) (keeper)
    Bench: Chris Hogan ($14)
    Bench: Randall Cobb ($5)
  18. David87

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    Though, not looking forward to making the starting lineup decisions every week. I will be in this thread frequently asking for advice on that I think haah
  19. xbrokendownx

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    Those RBs are...p bad
  20. David87

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    I feel pretty good that one of the GB backs will be good, and that at least one of the rest will also end up good...if the rest of my team does what it’s supposed to do, having two RB2s in my lineup should be good enough.

    But it’s all a big roll of the dice now. Miller looked much better with Watson last year, Carson has the job if he can stay healthy, AP a total shot in the dark, Dion Lewis in a new offense could hurt, etc.
  21. chcougar1


    Tight end? RBs super solid. WR isn’t great but if Dez ever lands somewhere you should be just fine.
  22. Donnie Ruth

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    In my mock drafts I keep getting in the same spot of Joe Mixon vs. Jordan Howard. Who would y’all prefer?

    Also, Diggs or Theilen?
  23. chcougar1


    I think you will be fine at all positions honestly.
  24. chcougar1


    Ugh. Hate that spot. Mixon and Diggs but I don’t like any of those four
  25. Donnie Ruth

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    Yeah in my league here are the RB’s off the board: David Johnson, Gurley, Elliot, McCaffery, Kamara, Hunt, Dalvin Cook.

    I luckily have Kamara in the 13th, but I need to hope I can get Bell, Fournette, Barkley, or Gordon in the 1st. If not, I’m stuck with a Mixon or Jordan.